Nursing and Light Sex Work?

  1. Just to preface, this is a throwaway account just in case things get out of hand and I have further less controversial questions to ask later on down the line but this is also only my third or fourth post here ever so please forgive my formatting.

    Anyway, I'm currently a young nursing student who's currently on the cusp of buying a home and money is very tight. I have a friend who does camming as her primary source of income and she suggested I give it a shot since it's a relatively easy way to make some money, I wasn't comfortable going all in like she did so instead I sold a few sexually explicit clips of myself (none with my face or any identifiable marks). It was painless and has made me a quick $300 so I thought this was something I wouldn't mind doing for the time being.

    However, while contemplating really going with it I flashed back to my hiring process with my current day job in a big name hospital and remembered the background check. My job actually called me because they couldn't verify a past employer that had closed it's doors permanently and began to wonder if hospital jobs (nursing specifically) run ALL past employment or just double check what is written on the resume. Though I filed a tax form with the website I sell through I never intended to list it on my resume when I begun to apply for nursing jobs because of A) The stigma attached to sex work and B) There would be no employment gap to address since I fully intend to keep my day job.

    With all this being said I want to ask: How deep do employers really dig into an applicant's past? Assuming they run all jobs that are attached to my SSN would the dig further into the generic name the site I sell through uses for tax records? Would they ask me about it if I didn't mention it on my resume and if they did could I brush it off as a temporary side gig for a little extra money that didn't seem relevant enough to list?

    For now my store is on ice and I while I don't intend to sell anything until I get some answers, I have to ask to please save the judgement. I don't feel degraded, I don't intend to do this forever and I most certainly do care about my future as a nurse I just don't want to go into debt trying to get there if I can avoid it

    Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for any helpful answers!
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  3. by   angeloublue22
    No judgment here. It's your choice what you do to make money. I've actually known a few nurses who were strippers to support themselves through nursing school. One of the main problems that you may want to think about is can you be identified in any way through IP address for example because what you are doing is creating a permanent record of your activity and your face may get out there just through finding you IP address then social media. You would be surprised at how clever your "customers" can be especially when they are determined to find more personal information, then one bad interaction with you and they can spread your photos and information to anyone they want. As to resumes, it depends on the jobs, I've had jobs where I actually had to be interviewed by to detectives and they vetted me. It was scary but I hadn't done anything. That was at a jail so obviously you probably couldn't get a job in corrections. I've had other jobs that don't even call my references. But whether you like it or not you are creating a possibly permanent record that if they chose to look further could affect you getting a job. Also, you shouldn't mention it to anyone including any nursing friends because that will spread like wildfire. I hope that helped.
  4. by   Lisacar130
    I would absolutely not put that on your resume. Government jobs (corrections, the VA, etc.) are the only ones who might do more digging and could potentially find that out. Otherwise, the private sector will not find out about that. The private sector will only be calling the past employment that you put down on your resume/application.
  5. by   LadyVengeancexxx
    They would never find out about it from a background check perspective. Your job isn't privy to your tax information. If it makes you feel any better, I have a corporation my accountant set up for my sexwork gig. If you search my name you can see when it was incorporated and the name of my business (which is pretty generic). My job never asked me about it.

    That being said, NEVER tell anyone what you do or where your money comes from. You made "wise investments". People love outing sexworkers so trust no one.
  6. by   Farawyn
    I think it sounds fine.
    Use your judgement and be discreet.
  7. by   Apple-Core
    I could make a fortune stripping....people would pay me to keep my clothes on!!!!
  8. by   blessmeindeed
    Government jobs and well known companies or fortune 500 companies would definitely find that out - maybe use it against you. Most nursing homes, private sectors, or company in dire need would not care or find it out but - remember in nursing...there's alot of gossip- the medical field period is full of people who like to gossip...people will talk about you and gossip about you until you end up quitting
  9. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Just you remember this: EVERYTHING you put out there on the internet is there, forever. You can't control what anyone does with the footage of your behaviors. Someone can record your cam activities and post/upload them all over the place. And you can bet "someone" you would rather not do, will discover this. I am not judging you, but you really need to think long and hard if you want some recording of sexy time on cam to show up at a time and place when you would rather it not. You can't unring the bell once you have done the deed.