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I just read a post about an RT who was fired for handing a patient some cough medicine on behalf of an RN who asked them to hand it to them, I guess the RT was working outside of their scope,,but... Read More

  1. by   northmississippi
    Anything else guys??? I love this tread!!!
  2. by   elthia
    At a former job I was written up because I told a pt I "I want you to understand" while doing pt teaching. The pt considered it insulting, and "no one speaks to him like that". The supervisor took his side, wrote me up, and actually tried to pull me by the arm to his room to apologize to him.

    Now that I am older and wiser, I realize that the moment she grabbed me by the arm, (she actually scratched me with her nails), I should have called security and pressed charges against HER.
  3. by   Lorrain
    I was fired for giving a medication that was ceased, but the signing sheet was still in place from when the medication was still being used. It was a very very stressful wing which I was manager of plus worked on the floor. I had just told my boss the week before I found it difficult to be manager as well as working on the floor as RN (15mths postgrad) but she didn't support me at all. Then this error happened, for the first time I didn't report the error, a week later the nurse that checked the drug with me informed my boss, I was removed from the job immediately. Not because of the medication error but because I didn't report it.(By the way the extra dose of medication didn't change the patients status). I was in a state of depression for a month thinking I was never going to work as a nurse again - fortunately I did get a job in an acute medical ward in a hospital. It is still busy but you have a more shared responsibility.
    Hope this helps Lor..
  4. by   MichiganPCT
    I was written up for "taking it upon myself to find a replacement" and " not filling out the form properly".Basically, I knew I was going to be 40 minutes late for my shift the following week and found someone who would cover me. Scheduler said it was fine and we filled out the paperwork. Later that day I realized I couldn't work the entire shift and my co-worker agreed to work the day for me. It wasn't going to give her overtime( checked with scheduler earlier on that). I called, emailed and texted the scheduler telling her about the new change, but never got any response. Funny thing is, the schedulers make us find a replacement for ourselves and as long as no one gets overtime they always approve it. Sometimes I just can't win. 😜
  5. by   Nurse_
    It's never minor.

    The fact is if the facility likes you, they'll be willing to overlook minor, even slightly major things. Being written up for a minor offense is a facility's way of covering their ass in case someone sues for wrongful termination.
  6. by   goalienrse
    I agree with everyone who says that politics rule the day in hospitals. At my former hospital I noticed that if your a young even slightly pretty female in your 20's that you could get away with a lot. Not to be divisive or insulting to anyone, its worth mentioning my supervisor was a male too.

    I however, as a male in his early 20's, got in trouble once for checking in on one of my pt's at night. That had to be the worst in a long long list or SILLY things my supervisor called me in his office for.