Wants to be an LPN at 69, but School Costs 27,000

  1. Hello Nurse Beth,

    I will be 69 years old next month, and I'm considering going to school and get an LPN certificate. I want to do international volunteering and I feel my contribution would be more valuable if I obtain nursing training .
    The cost of the LPN program is $27,000. Please share your opinion of my plans.

    Dear Wants to Take LPN at 69,

    It's a stretch.

    First there's the cost. That is a lot of money. If you do this, I would compare prices and options. Some community colleges offer LPN training for a fraction of this cost.

    You are 69 years old. Let's say you complete your training by the time you're 71. You would be going straight into volunteering without any experience
    as an LPN. Depending on the nature of the volunteer program, nursing experience may be required/preferred. That adds another year or so.

    Your primary desire is to volunteer, not to be a nurse.

    There are so many ways to volunteer other than becoming a nurse. Many volunteer organizations
    look for a willing heart and helping hands. If you are fluent in another language, even better. If not, just google "international volunteer" and "English".

    Best wishes,

    Nurse Beth

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  3. by   sunny time
    yea, what she said. volunteer anywhere, trust me there will be a place for you. there was not information on your former employment but any experience will be welcomed. start now not in 3-4 years from now. you will thank us later. take a CPR or ACLS course before going international this makes you better equipped for emergencies.
  4. by   caliotter3
    I have never seen a description of a volunteer position where experience (and an RN license) were not requirements.
  5. by   BonnieSc
    I'm guessing she doesn't want to be a nurse volunteer, but a general volunteer with some useful skills. Probably a missionary? I agree with Beth's advice. Perhaps you could find a nurse friend who would teach you some bandaging and wound care techniques--those are the skills I think would most likely be useful. I don't agree with sunny time; it's a good thought, but CPR and especially ACLS are almost useless in the majority of developing countries. First Aid certification would be useful if you don't have that knowledge already.
  6. by   tigerlogic
    I suppose it depends on your interests, of course, but I have yet to see a volunteer program where having an LPN would be more valuable than extra time on the ground or time learning the local language.

    Hogar Abierto – Quetzaltrekkers
    Is a very worthwhile group if you like older kids --tutoring or helping in their dorms-- and the city of Xela has plenty of good cheap language schools.
  7. by   sunny time
    CPR IS GOOD ANYWHERE. may be ACLS might be above her understanding but with Dr. without borders ACLS is priceless.