Wants 12 Hour Shifts But Not Bedside Care

  1. Dear Nurse Beth,

    I've been an LPN for almost 10 yrs and thinking about getting my RN, but the problem is I've come to the conclusion that I don't like bedside care, but enjoy the 3 12hr shift. M-F type of work is not fitting for me. Are there any other non-bedside nursing position that offer 3 12-hr shifts?

    Dear Wants 12 Hour Shift,

    That's a tough one because 12-hour shifts are typically offered by clinical facilities for clinical nurses at the bedside.

    I really can't think of a non-bedside 12-hour position...maybe dialysis? Although the dialysis units I'm familiar with have 8-hour shifts.

    Getting your RN is going to open up far more opportunities for you, and eventually, you'll be able to choose the working hours and setting/specialty that works for you.

    This won't happen right away, though. Be flexible at first. As a new grad RN it's advisable working at the bedside for 1-2 years to learn your new role. From there you can qualify for many different roles with hours that fit your needs.

    Best wishes,

    Nurse Beth

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  3. by   not.done.yet
    I am not at the bedside and frequently work 12 hour shifts working in Professional Development. That being said, I am salaried, so I still work 5 days a week, sometimes more.
  4. by   Nurse Beth
    Quote from not.done.yet
    I am not at the bedside and frequently work 12 hour shifts working in Professional Development. That being said, I am salaried, so I still work 5 days a week, sometimes more.
    I hear you, sister!! Me, too I'm leaving in just a minute to my Staff Development job.Not complaining, though, I love being salaried and love my job.
  5. by   not.done.yet
    I am with you on that one. I feel like PD is one of the best kept secrets in nursing.
  6. by   Pixie.RN
    Call centers and advice lines are sometimes 12-hour shifts, but it's not likely they would hire a new RN, even one with such significant LPN experience.
  7. by   Knotanoonurse
    What about an infusion center? It is bedside care but not so draining. My friend works in an Urgent care center and works 10s and 12s. They do hire new RNs
  8. by   Gratefulgirl818
    I worked 12 hour shifts in an in-patient transitional behavioral health hospital. I loved it!
  9. by   aanwyn
    Hi there, I was a dialysis nurse for nearly 5 years. Ive been a nurse 9yrs. Prior to dialysis I only worked on a subacute unit in the nursing home for about 1yr. To be honest, I truly beg to differ on the getting 1-2 years of bedside care experience first. I honestly think it did not help me be a better dialysis nurse because it is quite a specific area of nursing. Most dialysis hours are four 10hr shifts or three 12-14 hr shifts (most common). Perhaps it's the state I live in (CT), but I have never seen an ad for a dialysis unit with 8hr days unless you're at management level. I left dialysis and did home care for one yr (m-f). I was finally hired (8yrs exp) working on a general surgical floor. Dialysis and home care prepared me perfectly for working on the unit. I needed only 1 month orientation. I ultimately went to per diem bc the unit was operating with very unsafe staffing in my opinion. But point is, I think you will be just fine in dialysis without getting other bedside experience first especially since you already have nursing experience. Also, I think people have this perception of dialysis that it's boring and you're not exposed to much. You may not be exposed to many of the technicals skills you learn in school but the clinical knowledge is more important in my opinion and you absolutely are exposed to very much of it in dialysis since many pts requiring dialysis also have other co-mordities (diabetes, HTN, CHF, Afib, Lupus). Technical skills require time to master anyhow. Hope my novel helps you 🙂