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  1. Gratefulgirl818

    Quit Job While Pregnant and Can't Get Hired

    Try a temp agency. Here in Illinois we have brightstar care. They offer a large range of specialties. Hired me immediately as a new LPN. They place for last minute call offs at places they have contracts with. Or to cover vacations. Vaccination clinics. I did Private hospice with them, adult day care, SNF. It was a life saver while I was trying to find the job I wanted vs a job I needed. And the gap in your work history can be due to difficulties in pregnancies and then your current one. When ready assure potential employers that with family support childcare is never an issue and after the baby came you are finally mentally and physically ready to care for other people (back on your feet and ready to go). I too walked out of a SNF due to an unmotivated DON to do the right thing. Don't worry about the gap from school to license. Difficult pregnancy is all you have to say if they question it at all. Good luck and don't give up. And in my experience stay away from SNF.
  2. Gratefulgirl818

    56 With Multiple Back Surgeries Wants to Become an RN

    I am 43 with 6 back surgeries. (12 total orthopedic surgeries on my body) I got my LPN at 40 after 15 years as a CMA. I have found bed side care to be to tough on my body. However I have found that inpatient and outpatient mental health and addiction treatment allows me to provide care without having to do daily activities that put my back at risk. Also I found floor nursing in SNF was more med pass and overseeing the CNA's/LPN's for the RN's then anything and if I needed assistance with transferred I just asked for assistance from the CNA's. However I have decided to get my bachelors in a more management healthcare role so I will be a nurse that can do more from behind a desk. Hope it all works out.
  3. Gratefulgirl818

    Is 54 too old to get a doctorate degree?

    I know 2 woman who are just starting prereqs for nursing and they are almost 50. It's never to late to continue education. Good luck!
  4. Gratefulgirl818

    Wants 12 Hour Shifts But Not Bedside Care

    I worked 12 hour shifts in an in-patient transitional behavioral health hospital. I loved it!
  5. Gratefulgirl818

    ER Nurse's "Funky Flu" Video Goes Viral

    Everybody is overreacting. Her OTC medication recommendations were not off or wrong. Her "put together" look after a long shift doesn't seem like this is fake. I work in wound care. I swear all day working elbow deep on unstageable wounds but my make up and hair is still intact. She is spot on in everything she says. And immediate care is not the ER. You do not go to them for the same thing. And emergency is life threatening. Needing to see a doctor and not being able to get in is what immediate care is for. I can't believe all the negativity that is being spread on this post. But if there's one thing I have learned in my years as a nurse is people in healthcare rarely have each other's backs. So let the haters hate and let the BON waste $$ to get a good laugh. I agree with her 100%. She was professional and kept everything confidential patient wise. She even stated she would change the scenario. So since it's not softball season I doubt she was really talking about a soft all team. My "metaphorical" advice to everyone that has there's undies in a bundle over something that doesn't even concern them is take a xanax or valerian root. (Am I allowed to say that? ) or see a proctologist if this video gets you so worked up. Of course seek a doctors advice on any of the above statements before considering them. Except the proctologist cause it seems it may be more then your undies stuck up there.
  6. Gratefulgirl818

    ER Nurse's "Funky Flu" Video Goes Viral

    She said she was changing the scenario. And since it's not softball season I'm sure her story was protecting any identity.