I want a secure future - $22K for LPN school?

  1. Dear Nurse Beth,

    I am a sophomore in college, I have an associate degree in liberal arts from a community college. I am currently a transfer student at a 4 year college. My first semester was a rough one, my GPA dropped to 1.7 and I am currently in the process of doing an appeal. I owe the school $321 and have yet to sign up for classes. I barely have hours at my job and I don't want to take another job due to school. I am 22 yrs old. My current major is EHS (exercise health science) but I want to switch to nursing which mean I have to take pre-req and I will graduate at 25. However I found an LPN program that is 1year. Keep in mind, my university tuition is $10k per year and the LPN program will be $22k. I just don't know what to do and how to go. I don't know which is the right decision for me. I am really scared to fail. I just want a secure future with a valuable degree. Please help!!!

    Dear Wants Secure Future,

    I would not spend 22K on an LPN program.

    You could attend a community college registered nurse program and earn your associates degree in nursing (ADN) and later go on to get your bachelor's degree in nursing (BSN). As an RN, you will have more career options and higher pay than an LPN.

    Either way, you will have to take nursing pre-requisites and it's highly important to maintain a strong GPA for admission to a nursing program.

    AN RN offers you the secure future and valuable degree you are looking for. You can do it- just know that it will take determination on your part but it's all worth it in the end.

    Best wishes,

    Nurse Beth

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  3. by   Issanurse
    Thank for the advice. I was a little skeptical about the LPN program and you just confirmed my doubt. My plan is to just work with my school and get back on track. Then I will focus, be determined, get off social media and get my nursing degree.

    Thank you again for this. You save me a lot of debt.

    Sincerely, All millennials in my shoes
  4. by   C0SM0
    I completely agree, $22,000 is WAY too much for an LPN program. I'm entering my 4th, and final, semester of an RN program at a community college and my final semester tuition is exactly $1,319.20. If you want to go the LPN route, there are much cheaper options out there.
  5. by   AnxietyMaven
    Whew, $22k is more than my 5 semester BSN program.
  6. by   LilyRN99
    The LpN school I work for in NJ has a tuition of $30,000 for a one year program. People chose it over other programs since there isn’t a waiting list.

    i got my RN at community college. It’s give you a degree that you could transfer to another college. Most of my LPN students are already talking about entering an RN program. Then I wonder why they just don’t enter a RN program in ththe first place.
  7. by   Froggybelly
    Aim for an RN program with the understanding that nursing is in no way the easy way out. Solid programs tend to be highly competitive, especially at community college where tuition is more reasonable. Look at requirements before moving forward with the next step. Speak to an admissions counselor or pre-nursing counselor if possible. Many programs base admittance on a variety of factors, including prereq GPA and healthcare experience. If you need healthcare experience, you can become a CNA or EMT while you're waiting to get into nursing school. The LPN program just doesn't have a good ROI for someone already in debt. Good luck to you.
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