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AnxietyMaven has 3 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in ER.

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  1. Managing Impatient Patients

    Wow that's insane. I've yet to hear that thankfully. I had coworkers laugh and say I'm finally growing a backbone for telling a patient I can't help them find their phone.
  2. Giving Report and IV Access

    In ER I insert what I can... Most of the time it's an 18 in the AC if I can get it. If it's an ICU patient it's 2 -18's (obviously again... If I can get it). This is important to keep my patient alive until I can transfer to ICU while pressure baggin...
  3. Managing Impatient Patients

    ? That's the hard part. To be and look like the professional when they have worn you down all shift. Maybe it was me that just screamed "I'm exhausted" that had him more anxious. I'm grateful for all the tips y'all. Thank you!
  4. Managing Impatient Patients

    Nope AOx4... Left AMA at another hospital because they weren't happy with the treatment received ? .... It didn't take long to figure out why. No family allowed in ER due to covid right now but... Sometimes doesn't family make it worse? ? I did...
  5. Managing Impatient Patients

    Not a new grad, but fairly new. 2 years experience and I still struggle to deal with the impatient patient. Little backstory: I work ER. We don't have rooms but rather we have bays that are separated by curtains. At least once a shift I have a ...
  6. Inexperienced ER help

    You really have to ask yourself: Is it realistic to go from telehealth to ER in the middle of a crisis? Is there anyway you could work on an acute care floor instead of jumping right into the ER? I'd be very concerned for your ability to practice sa...
  7. How Much Time Do I Have?

    I wanted to say how moving this post is, and how grateful I am for reading it. Thank you for sharing your knowledge on something that absolutely needs more attention.
  8. What are they teaching?

    I'm going to attempt to answer this question from my perspective as a new grad, and from my experiences in my nursing school. I feel our instructors did a good job at relating the possible hardships as a nurse. I had one clinical instructor ask...
  9. Nursing School Gave Me Cancer

    I'm wondering if you tell everyone all the medications you take? No? Well, that would be why you haven't heard of nursing student taking xanax. I'll admit I take it and I am a fully functioning individual while on it. Off of it? You're likely to catc...
  10. How do I deal with clinical sites treating students like garbage?

    I'm curious how you get time to sit down?? "If you're sitting down then you aren't learning or working" "If every single patient on the floor has had all of their vitals and ADLs done for that shift then you might have time to sit." These are both ...
  11. School using Kaplan % as grade?!

    Please don't think I'm bragging here: I got 99% for Kaplan medsurg. I went through the Kaplan practice tests and then the remediation for each subject. I read ALL of the information for every question, including the ones I got right. I feel the mater...
  12. Set up to fail clinicals

    The professor is absolutely not to blame. The OP violated the rights of medication administration x3. Heparin isn't IM, but SQ (wrong med, and the med given the wrong route) And OP guessed at the dosage, and meds to be given since OP couldn't find th...
  13. Dropped in Last Semester

    I know in my school if you don't pass their standardized test to see if you're ready for the NCLEX they will drop you from the program. It is to save the school from having a lower NCLEX pass rate and IMO a shady practice.
  14. Depressed and Disappointed in Myself

    I'm so sorry you feel this way. I felt the same way during medsurg clinical (I actually had to drop because my anxiety and depression was so crippling, and had to wait until the new anxiety meds kicked in to begin again) So I'm commenting from that ...
  15. Took the HESI A2 failed my first time help! Vocab and Anat

    I can tell you what I learned from my experience. You are going up against people that want to be in nursing school just as much as you do, and are going to present their best scores. No one that entered my BSN class had less than 85 on any portion ...