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  1. C0SM0

    Dropped Pill - Do you give it?

    I'd give it. They've probably had dirtier things in their mouth before.
  2. I work in the OR. One day anesthesia was putting a four-year-old child under, and he became combative and starting kicking and screaming. As I was holding him down, he stared deep into my soul and screamed "YOU ARE NOT INVITED TO MY BIRTHDAY PARTY!". Well that's wonderful, Timmy, because you're not invited to mine either.
  3. C0SM0

    Drug Test and HIV Meds

    As long as your "friend" has a prescription for whatever they test positive for, it will be fine. I tested positive for methamphetamines when I had to take my drug test. I had a prescription so it was no big deal.
  4. C0SM0

    Hired, based on having a BSN

    I just graduated with an ADN in December and was hired at a Magnet facility, in an RN position, three months before I even graduated.
  5. C0SM0

    Freaking out that I violated HIPAA?!

    Lol, I did that all the time during clinicals. I'd just bring the documents to school with me the next day and put it in the shred bin. No big deal.
  6. C0SM0

    Pearsonvue quick results

    It is exactly 48 hours after the START of your test.
  7. During exams at my school, we weren't even allowed to bring bags into the classroom.
  8. C0SM0

    Correct ABG and electrolyte values for NCLEX

    From what I understand, if lab values are abnormal on NCLEX, they will be either very high or very low. You won't have to be guessing as to if it's abnormal or not as long as you know the general ranges. For what it's worth, I just took the NCLEX less than a week ago, had 265 questions, and didn't have a single lab value question.
  9. C0SM0

    Quick ? about diuretics

    I'm not sure exactly, but I started nursing school in January 2016 and our instructors told us to only expect generic names. They were right. I just took my NCLEX this past Friday, had 265 questions with many drug questions (no drug calc, though) and they were all generic names. I didn't have one drug question that had a brand name in it.
  10. C0SM0

    Quick ? about diuretics

    On a side note, your school should also be teaching you the generic names of the drugs instead of the brand names. NCLEX changed a while back and you'll no longer see brand names. So instead of Lasix, you'll see Furosemide.
  11. C0SM0

    NCLEX-RN 265 questions February 2018

    My state doesn't use Breeze so I'm afraid I can't help you there.
  12. I took my NCLEX yesterday, February 2nd, 2018 and received ALL 265 questions. I actually felt like I was doing pretty well in the first 75 with lots of priority/delegation questions so I was a little shocked when the exam kept going. Then it got to 100, 150, 200, 250, and finally 265. I had about an hour left so it took me right around five hours. My last question was a priority OB question that I know I got correct. According to Kaplan, if you take all 265 questions and your last question is a passing level question, you pass regardless if you answer it correctly or not. I also tried the PVT a few times and got the "good" pop-up each time. I likely won't know my results until early next week, just wanted to share my experience with others in a similar situation.
  13. ABC's
  14. C0SM0

    NCLEX and SATA questions

    What did you use for resources while studying? I'm using strictly Kaplan and I get MAYBE 10% of the SATA questions correct. Did you think the NCLEX SATA were easier than your resources for studying? I'm taking the NCLEX February 2nd and, needless to say, SATA is my weakness at this point.
  15. C0SM0

    Flu and missing class

    I'm surprised your school gives people the option to not get a flu shot. My school required it or we were not allowed to go to clinicals.
  16. C0SM0

    NCLEX Cheat Sheet?

    Does anyone have any good NCLEX cheat sheets to look over while studying? I've got a good one with lab values and a couple other things, but was curious to know if anyone that has taken the exam already used anything that they felt was a big help when they took the test.