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  1. Dear Nurse Beth,

    I am a baby nurse (first semester RN student) and I am applying for a job as PCT. My medical experience is limited to my schooling. I recently heard back from the HR department. He said that one of the managers on the floor I applied to asked when I am getting my BSN. I am unsure how to answer that as I thought I had to complete my RN before I could even start working on my BSN. What kind of answer are they looking for? Can I start working on it prior to graduating with my ADN?

    Dear Unsure,

    It sounds like the manager may be interested in you as a future RN hire, and wants to know if you have plans to get your BSN. Is the hospital hiring primarily BSNs? Let the HR person know you intend to get your BSN.

    You can start working on your BSN after you graduate from your ADN program. By the way, you are a nursing student, not a "baby nurse". You are not a nurse until you are licensed by your state board. Good luck in your studies.

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    Nurse Beth
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  3. by   not.done.yet
    You will be a "baby nurse" when you are a new nurse grad. You do not have to get a two year RN degree before getting a BSN. You can skip the two year degree and go right for the four year.
  4. by   KelRN215
    Definitely don't need an RN before you get a BSN. My BSN is the only nursing degree I hold and I entered my BSN program at 18 directly out of high school. Perhaps the floor is only hiring students from BSN programs. I am not aware that my floor when I worked in the hospital ever hired students from non-BSN programs.
  5. by   booter512
    If you do get your ADN, you are an RN. But, due to hospital wanting BSNs, you will probably need to get it within 5 years of starting at the hospital. Get your ADN, let the hospital pay for your BSN. If they won't, there are many that will.
  6. by   applewhitern
    Don't read more into that question than it really is. Maybe they wanted to know when you will graduate, so that if they invest money in you, maybe you will work for them after you graduate. As a PCT, they couldn't care less about a potential BSN unless they hope you will work for them as an RN.