Wisconsin: Nearly 200 nurses turn out for $100 certificates

  1. http://www.jsonline.com/bym/news/nov02/95640.asp

    St. Michael Hospital in Wisconsin is trying a new twist on nurse recruiting. The hospital handed out $100 gift certificates to 196 nurses at a local mall once they filled out job applications and met with recruiters.

    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Nov. 14, 2002
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  3. by   jessjoy
    sheesh!!! I am from Milwaukee......I missed that one!!!
  4. by   emily_mom
    I never heard about it....till now. Think someone dropped one and it's still laying at the mall?

  5. by   Q.
    I heard of it, from a co-worker of mine.

    She asked for a raise in her current position since I've left and they haven't replaced me (so she's doing the work of two people). Well, they denied her raise, but her supervisor gave her a gift card to Blockbuster instead. She then told me how Mike's was giving out $100 gift cards for simply applying. It made her Blockbuster card look even worse.

    I'm not that keen with St. Mike's as a facility to work in. Handing out gift cards for applying isn't enough to make me want to work there. Now if Mike's changed a few things...then maybe.
  6. by   emily_mom
    Just b/c you apply and talk to the recruiter doesn't mean that you have to take the job. Take the gift card and run!!! Spend it on some nice furry slippers or bubble bath....or that Barbie house your kid has been eyeing up...
  7. by   fiestynurse
    That's $19,600 spent on this one recruiting event! The money could have been better spent on retaining the nurses that they already have. I am sure that most nurses took the money and ran. Suzy K. says that she is not keen on working at St. Mike's, which means they must have a reputation for poor working conditions. I wonder how the nurses at St. Mike's feel about this latest recruiting stunt? Did they each receive a $100 gift certificate? Some hospitals just don't get it!
  8. by   sjoe
    "Some hospitals just don't get it!"

    The understatement of the year.

    Follow the money:

    Do you for one second believe that the administrator who dreamed up this idea was primarily focused on recruiting more RNs?

    Or do you think, perhaps, that person wanted to be recognized/rewarded/promoted for coming up with, and carrying through, a "promising idea," that would look good on the next performance evaluation (whether it actually brought about positive results for the facility or not)?

    Given these people's priorities, their behavior does make sense. Realizing what makes sense to them, reveals their priorities.

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  9. by   renerian
    Interesting Karen.