PA nurses tell it like it is!

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    Oramar, I posted the url at the same time as you! Thanks for the great article and for staying on top of things!
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    My apologies to anyone who tried the url earlier, I had a small mistake in it and it would not work. So easy to do, just a s at the end of the word nurse that should not have been there.
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    Hry Oramar....great post. Your getting pretty savy as corrected link worked!
  6. by   -jt
    <<Tom Chakurda, spokesman for Allegheny General, said........"I think intrinsically nurses still find much satisfaction in their jobs or they wouldn't be in it......>>

    DUH! Nurses ARENT "in it"! THATS the whole point! Thats what all this news is about. How much more blantanly ignorant of the problem can a hospital be as to make such a statement as "nurses are satisfied or they wouldnt be here"? What boat did this guy miss to not notice that nurses ARENT here??? Geez....
    What a stupid statement for that hospital spokesman to make. The adminsitration should be embarrassed to have him speaking for them.

    Almost 20% of the nations entire licensed, nursing workforce is not "in it" at this very moment. And more are leaving everyday precisely because they are NOT satisfied with their jobs.

    Will somebody please wake that man up?
  7. by   oramar
    That same point jumped into my mind -jt, I thought "where do they get these people?"
  8. by   fedupnurse
    Funny, the statement didn't surprise me. Keep in mind; adminstrators think they are all doing a bang up job. They can't understand why we are all so miserable! Do my job for a day with the resources (really, lack there of) you provide and you will see why my job satisfaction is at an all time low!!!