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New overtime rules have passed the house and will now go to the Senate for a vote.... Read More

  1. by   barefootlady
    I too will refuse to work extra hous at regular pay. I have been thinking of how I will manage this, I will reduce my work week to 32 or less hours. If I get sick and don't have insurance, oh well, too bad, they have to take care of me. If I call in, oh well, too bad, fire me ! I am easily replaced, right? This will lead to a nation wide strike of all non-union professionals. Or at least the ones with any sense. Sorry, but I refuse to be exposed to all of the dangers, AIDS, HEP C, HEP B, and numerous others for no overtime at my low pay rate. All of the Senators from WV voted against the bill. They would be afraid not to in this strong union state. I have been assured that my facility will continue to pay overtime, I believe that one too, they said no lay-offs 48 hours before they laid off 100 people a few years ago. This is just another way GWB is helping the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor. Remember this at election time people!!!
  2. by   RNIAM
    I ---------- (fill in the blank will refused to work if the overtime bill is passed.
    I am not great with wording can anyone help? Maybe we can leave it here as a sticky, have people copy and paste the exact same letter sign it and send it to your senators?
    I know people are usually afraid to post names on bb's, so with that if someone more eloquent than I can put together a letter. I will be happy to leave my email address. Those folks can email me their names, addresses, and if your an RN for how many years, LPN same info, Student nurses the date you will graduate. This way I will be the only one with your info. Does this sound ok? If it doesn't then does anyone have any other ideas that might work? This has to happen soon.
    my email is jjordan7@nycap.rr.com
  3. by   AMV
    I went to the link that someone posted here on this topic regarding overtime pay at:


    part way down it says....


    Registered nurses are currently exempt from overtime under federal law. But most hospitals pay overtime anyway when nurses work more than 40 hours because of increased competition for trained nurses, concerns about patient safety, and greater demands on hospitals and clinics stemming from the aging of baby boomers, specialists say.

    ''Even though the Labor Department says we were never supposed to get overtime anyway, most nurses want the practice to continue,'' said Melinda Mercer Ray, a registered nurse and a spokeswoman for the Association of Women's Health Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses in Washington. ''It is expected in our profession. But there is real fear out there that, if hospitals can find a way not to pay overtime in this tight fiscal environment, some might try to avoid it.''


    I am confused.... hospitals NOW don't have to give us overtime but they do???? I thought we HAD to get overtime and this bill would change that???? I am not quite sure what this law would mean to us then? If they don't have to pay us overtime now, but do - do they also now have the ability to FORCE manadatory overtime but don't? Anyone out there know the details of this?

  4. by   AMV
    Sorry - the link didn't come out right.... hope this one works!

  5. by   Riseupandnurse
    I am really confused about what all this will mean. Do hospitals currently have to pay nurses overtime, or do they not have to and do it anyway to get nurses to work extra? And I read somewhere that the new laws would allow the hospitals to declare all RNs salaried employees, and therefore would just get a salary for working however many hours a week they had to in order to take care of the number of patients that happen to be in their facilities each week. Does anyone have a really clear idea as to what this new legislation would mean for the typical hospital RN? If so, please share. Thanks!!!!
  6. by   ucandoit
    I, too, will sign on the dotted line!
  7. by   RNIAM
    okay, it sounds good to me. I am however computer inept. Is there anyway that we could put a sign up sheet on a web site. Have folks fill it in and submit it ?
    Any ideas?