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New overtime rules have passed the house and will now go to the Senate for a vote.... Read More

  1. by   LadyNASDAQ
    These hospitals will have to give us bonus pay or increase our salaries to make up the difference.
  2. by   shodobe
    This will definitly be on everybody's next union contract negotiations. I think this will be a very high priority and will be unique to the area where you work. You get enough nurses mad about this and a strike will be on the horizon. Each union across the country will have to negotiate an agreed setlement. This is where a strong union, CNA here in Calif, will be necessary to prevent a total takeover from the hospitals. The problem with this bill is that they threw everybody into it and did not look at the whole picture and hoped that the nurses would look the other way. I think they made a mistake in this thinking. Mike
  3. by   glascow
    HR 1119 and S 317 are related to the family time flex act.
    HR 2665 is the one about not paying time and half for hours worked over 40.
    Please correct me if I'm wrong. But I'm pretty sure it is HR 2665 that we are talking about to protect our overtime pay!
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  5. by   -jt
    The bill that will elminate overtime pay for RNs, LPNs and millions of other working people is in the House of Represenatitives under the title HR-1119. In the Senate, its called S 317. In an attempt to preserve OT pay and preserve the 40 hr work week, an amendment was made to HR-1119 & taken up for a vote. The amendment was called HR 2660. It was defeated in a very close vote, 213-210. The ANA-supported amendment, which was offered by Congressman George Miller (D-07-CA) and David Obey (D-07-W), would have barred the Department of Labor (DOL) from spending money on new proposed regulations that would strip some workers including nurses of their eligibility for overtime pay. The Congressmen voted no on that & let the original bill stand as is with the OT pay eligibility elimination. There is no word on when they will be voting on the original bill. They canceled a vote on June 5th because they knew they didnt have enough votes to pass the original bill.

    The original bill is also in the Senate as S-317. Your letters should ask your Senator to OPPOSE the changes in the Fair Labor Standards Act that will eliminate overtime pay for nurses and millions of others - oppose S-317 - and SUPPORT an amendment to it that will preserve overtime eligibility for nurses and others. You should also send that letter to Pres Bush, because when the Senators do as we ask, he can veto them & pass his new law anyway.

    The letter to your Congressman, should ask him to OPPOSE HR-1119. (same bill, different number). If your Congressman supported the amendment to change HR-1119 so it could preserve OT pay (HR 2660), thank him. If he did not support HR 2660, then let him know how you feel about that. In voting NO on that amendment, the House said that the original bill, stripping OT pay from millions - including nurses - is ok as is.

    To see how your Congressman voted on the amendment to change HR-1119 so it could have kept our ot pay eligibility, look him up at:

    The Dept of Labor says they have received over 70,000 letters against eliminating overtime pay requirements and they will make their decision about changing the law after they have reviewed the comments. Id like to know why the DOL gets to make the decision. Are they elected representatives?
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  6. by   Milehighnurse
    Ok, my letters are off to both of my senate reps and the media as well. I have contacted my local media to ask them to cover, educate and inform the public about what the Dept. of Labor is trying to do.
    Speaking of the media, has anyone seen national coverage on this subject?
  7. by   colleen10
    Hi Psyko RN,

    I have not seen any public coverage, national or local, regarding this at all. And I have been keeping up to date with it since it was first posted on this board back in May or June.
  8. by   Milehighnurse
    Originally posted by colleen10
    Hi Psyko RN,

    I have not seen any public coverage, national or local, regarding this at all. And I have been keeping up to date with it since it was first posted on this board back in May or June.
    Hmmmmm, this has me worried.
  9. by   MandyInMS
    I haven't seen any coverage on this either..and I've been watching for it as well...seems like the media would be ALL over this,seeing how it will impact SO many..can we say sneaky tactics?As if we all don't have enough family/financial burdens this day and time...I'm afraid if this goes into effect it will be the 'Straw that breaks our AMERICAN BACKS'
  10. by   glascow
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  11. by   glascow
    HR 2665 Overtime Compensation Protection Act of 2003
    Introduction Date 7/8/2003
    Co-Sponsors 13
    Chamber House
    Bill Number 108HR2665
    Summary HR 2665 would protect nurses and other workers currently eligible to receive overtime pay from changes that would be imposed by new proposed Department of Labor (DOL) regulations. The DOL announced the proposed regulations, which would allow thousands of white-collar workers, including nurses, to lose their eligibility for overtime pay, earlier this year. According to one study, the number is almost eight million workers would lose their overtime eligibility under the proposal.

    So, the house passed HR 2660, which is now HR 2665 (?)going to the senate as S317
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  12. by   -jt
    Confusing isnt it? The ORIGINAL bill that calls for the elimination of OT pay eligibility for many is in the Senate under the title S 317. Its got lots of rule changes in it - one one of them is the OT pay issue. Thats the issue everybody is objecting to. There was an amendment in the House to deal with that one issue & keep the current OT pay rules intact, but the Congressman rejected it & will allow the elimination of OT pay to stand in the original bill. The Senate still has the whole original bill to vote on. Hopefully they will OPPOSE S 317 - until a similar amendment as came before the House is proposed in the Senate. And then hopefully, unlike the House, the Senate will approve that amedment to keep OT pay in the original bill---- and hopefully Bush wont veto them.
  13. by   NRSKarenRN
    Glascow and colleagues:

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