Nurses stand up for themselves

  1. Here is a success story of nurses working together to fight against layoffs and benefit cuts while the hospital executives prosper.
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  3. by   damrcngrl95
    If Corporate America continues to try to make a profit on the backs of the middle class and poor they will no longer have a corporation to run. The "haves" need to stop being so greedy and realize that spreading the wealth around just a little will give them a better profit in the long run. Sure they will make plenty in the short term, but they are "profiting" their way out of business. We have seen it with the banking system and have had to bail them out for it.
    The "suits" in the hospitals are just as bad as the bankers. They are so fixated on the bottom line and not losing their piece of the pie that it doesn't seem to matter who pays the price for poor care. If the non-medical people at the hospitals keep this up they will not only have the medical people come at them, but the patients as well. It just makes me sick to see so much greed and so little care for the fellow man.
  4. by   Chin up
    Brava! A baby step has been taken! If I hear the words," but we need to be able to compete, to get the best talent," by a broken business, planning on giving the out going CEO millions, one more time.......hopefully, this article is one of thousands to soon hit the masses. Yes, we can show big business for what it is. Yes, we can all stand together and not take this crap anymore, just because it has been done like this for so long....we must wake up... I remember in 2009 when Hewlard Parkards ousted CEO was claiming her millions and wondering, where is the outrage?....... Here in Boston we just had a similar story, regarding a Public University president. The media exposed, his million dollar severance package and the university was so called bordering on bankruptcy. The citizens of MA and students from all over the country, were picking up this tab..... It's about time. We need to wake up...... I just read a post about a RN with a BSN, who was only making 18 dollars an hour and this in her third year. A disgrace and like I told her, we need to stop taking the crap and demand what we are worth. Nursing is a profession, that takes crap other professions won't and worse, aren't asked to. Enough is enough!
  5. by   Esme12
    The sadness is there are nurses out there who do not belong to a union and are at the mercy of the administrators. Some of those comments are an example of the publics misconcepion of what is really going on out there with their heads buried in the sand!

  6. by   Chico David RN
    A lot of companies that are doing very well financially are using the recession as an opportunity to try to take back gains that workers have won in the past. Sadly, too many unions and too many political leaders are being much to quick to go along with it. My union and NUHW have managed to do a good job of holding the line, but a lot of others have given in way too easily.
  7. by   RN1980
    they paid this guy all that money for nothing. ceo's dont make dangerous command decsions anymore..they pay big $ to consultants to study the correct way of doing things and the ceo's follow their recs..our ceo's (3 of them) make in the mid 200k/yr. any you never see them. they are absent ballot ceo's. they all have hopsital company cars (this is a county hospital so im paying for them). ceo's can really rape a hospital.