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  1. reznurse

    Nurses stand up for themselves

    Here is a success story of nurses working together to fight against layoffs and benefit cuts while the hospital executives prosper. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/05/17/nurses-layoffs-executives-attack_n_862741.html
  2. reznurse

    Is Mandatory DNP by 2015 a Done Deal?

    That's embarrassing. I hope it wasn't some kind of Freudian slip pun.
  3. reznurse

    Is Mandatory DNP by 2015 a Done Deal?

    For me, the biggest driving force for the move to DNP is the fight for parody. It seems impossible to get parody without doctoral level education being the requirement.
  4. reznurse

    NP at ASU or U of A

    I think that the route you should take depends on your circumstances. If you are able to get get into a BSN program right now, can afford it, etc. then it would make since on a timeline to go that route rather than get your ADN and then go back for your BSN, especially with a 3 semester wait. If you can't then I don't see a problem with going the ADN-BSN-MSN-? I don't know anything about schools in AZ, but generally I think if it is an accredited state university then the program will be recognized.
  5. reznurse

    What is the difference between NP and DNP?

    ANyone who says that optometrists and dentists don't call themselves doctor in a clinical setting is wrong. Like I said I have several family members who are optometrists, we have had this discussion and they call themselves doctors all of the time, b/c they are. Same goes with dentists, podiatrists, etc. Obviously there are different kinds of doctors and when necessary the patients need to be told the difference.
  6. reznurse

    What is the difference between NP and DNP?

    Do you think it is okay for an optometrist to be called Dr?
  7. reznurse

    What is the difference between NP and DNP?

    Several people in my family are optometrists, and they go by Dr. I also have a freind who is a dentist that goes by Dr. None of them went to med school, isn't this the same deal?
  8. reznurse

    What is the difference between NP and DNP?

    here, here Smitty! I am applying for the DNP instead of the PhD to become tenured faculty, and I certainly plan on using Dr.
  9. reznurse

    Nursing crisis looms as baby boomers age

    doesntlookgood is exactly right. I teach in a BSN program and try to instill this mentality into my students. If everyone else will jump on board we will begin to see ourselves treated as professionals, not second rate citizens.
  10. reznurse

    The RN Jobs Squeeze

    I am not a xenophobe, but I have a big problem with our government giving visas to foreigners in the middle of a recession. How do stop that?
  11. reznurse

    Socialized Medicine

    Why are we the only industrialized nation to think that healthcare is a choice not a right? The only answer I can come up with is selfishness. People are so scared of loosing their healthcare coverage that the power elite can treat people unfairly and pay them less than they deserve in order to maximize their profits and buy their fifth or sixth vacation home. We are loosing our middle class in part because people don't feel that they have the power to ask for what they deserve. I am sorry I attacked you personally, I really mean that the social norm in America is selfish. People seem only to care for themselves and their own family rather than other Americans. That seems unAmerican to me.
  12. reznurse

    Socialized Medicine

    When people say anything negative about war we are called unAmerican. When people say things in support of other Americans (let's not go to war for the profit of the military industiral complex) we are called unAmerican, even though the whole point behind saying the negative things is that we don't want our frinds, family and neighbors to be put in harms way for the profit of others. That is American! To say that you don't want to help ohter Americans with their healthcare is very selfish diosadelsol. Why can't we support other Americans? Our healthcare system is a joke. We rank 37th in quality in a study by the world health organization and spend the second most per capita. Let's be pro-America and help each other out when we can!
  13. reznurse

    Socialized Medicine

    Wow, people are really misinformed. I worked for the USPHS (government run health care) and I never heard a single CRNA, or any other midlevel provider complain of their pay. The physicians were paid fairly and weren't required to work 60 hours a week. It was an excellent system. Thinking rationally about the system, if you cut the 20% of healthcare costs spent on billing services (don't know if everyone spends that much, but my brother who is an MD does) that would free up a lot of money. Also the compensation of a single insurance co CEO would pay for a thousand CRNA's salaries every year. From WEBMD: United Health Group CEO: William W McGuire 2005: 124.8 mil 5-year: 342 mil