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Howdy folks! I'm a newbie here and I look forward to learning from this BB often. I'm a surgical tele nurse 2 years out of school and I work at the largest Catholic hospital "chain" in Illinois. ... Read More

  1. by   thom
    Bill, I'm in the same boat, just a different lake. Been fighting since January and can't believe the levels the company will stoop too. Came to this site looking for some support, and may have foud it. We need a place where people can find the truth, not the distortions, lies, misinformation the company is spreading. I don't know if I'm winning but every day someone thanks me, so I'll keep fighting for my coworkers and patients.
  2. by   billzie
    I'm seeing your post having just come home at 1430, I worked 1900 to 0900 last night and then went to breakfast with one of the union organizers and then to the union office to give my affitdavit (sp?) to the National Labor Relations Board board agent on the two violations of my manager that the union has filed on my behalf. And, I'm working again tonight 1900-0730 (on time, yah right). We had a press conference at the Hotel Allegro in downtown Chicago last week on the morning that our union filed 17 charges against my hosptial/health system, each charge contained several violations from system wide (8 hospitals, countless nursing homes, urgent care, community care, home care facilities), I think we are the largest Catholic health system in the midwest with over 8000 workers classified in our campaign. Unfortunately, the major television stations chose not to cover it (we had the national "porch collapse" story to contend with, and my employers advertise on all of those stations, HHMMMM?), both Hispanic stations covered it and aired clips, Nation Public Radio covered it and ran the story locally on 7/2 and nationally on 7/3 (with my interview!), and Medill news service from Northwestern Univ covered it for the national and international wire services. When and if I can get transcripts to download I will link them here. I gotta sleep now, thanks and keep up the good fight, Bill.
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    I have been part of SEIU (SERVICE EMPLOYEES INTERNATIONAL UNION) since 1985. It is the most democratic union. It is a rwo party system, which means nurses handle their own issues directly with management. Nurses have autonomy! We have a voice in determining policies, staffing, and workin g conditions.
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    I have been a RN for 34 years 1199 Buffalo NY. I have been very pleased that having a say in my workplace is something that I have achieved. We work with management to improve our workplace.
  6. by   BamaBound2bRN
    There is an old Chinese Proverb: "Be careful what you ask for, you might just get it." Having worked in union organizations (non-health care) in the past as both a union member and as a member of mgt. I would never sell my soul to a union ever again. Good luck with your endeavours, but I hope you look deeply into the pros and cons of this decision.
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    This thread is over 2 years old. Wonder what happened in the last 2 years...
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    Hi every one,
    Can anyone tell me when was the most recent strikes in the united stateds healthcare industry? And when did the first strike take place in the us? Which hospitals in south Florida are nonunionized? Please help.
    thanks. Elie.