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  1. RNadvocate

    SEIU Vote at Ohio Catholic Healthcare Partners

    CNA did not respect nurses' intelligence or decision making ability. if CHP RNs thought it was a bad deal all they would have to do was vote no. http://supportohiocaregivers.wordpress.com/
  2. RNadvocate

    CNA's Union-Busting in Ohio-An Open Letter

    Online reports say that only 25% of California RNs are in a union. If CNA has such brilliant ideas about how to unite RNs it would be great if they would get started. http://supportohiocaregivers.wordpress.com/
  3. RNadvocate

    SEIU Vote at Ohio Catholic Healthcare Partners

    i hope i did this right, but i was looking up online about how the CNA has worked out for Chicago RNs and found this. yikes. BrokenPromises.pdf
  4. RNadvocate

    Ohio RN's launch radio ad

    "NNOC/CNA has been in the forefront of the campaign to transform the nation's broken healthcare system to a guaranteed healthcare program as exists in other industrialized nations...." and here is how they have been campaigning to "transform" healthcare the last few years: 2008 -unionbusting and leafleting "Vote NO for a Choice" at 9 Ohio hospitals:up: 2007 -Fighting against a kill a bi-partisan plan in California to provide affordable healthcare to Californians:confused: and guarantee coverage for children in California broke from organized labor and opposed the Democratic health care plan advanced in Sacramento 2005 -leading a raid of Cook County hospital where RNs were part of the Illinois Nurses Association. Cook County Nurses worked without a contract from December 04 to June 06 and then ended up with practically the same contract they started with. i hear they were also forced to pay dues during this process. 2004 - CNA driven hostile takeover of Hawaiian Nurses Association fails - nurses vote overwhelmingly to remain affiliated with the ANA.:loveya: -In December NNOC cancels vote at St. Joseph's in Phoenix, AZ because they can't win an election. In fact, NNOC has been in Arizona for 4 years now and because SEIU and ANA aren't around to bash and accuse of things there is no victory in sight :argue: - CNA joins same "backroom" deal in Tenet they accused SEIU of neogiating and get access to the standards SEIU members set and won:banghead: 2003 - CNA ends the longest nurse strike in history at Tenet Pinole after 15 months. then they sue to get in on SEIU "backroom" deal with Tenet
  5. RNadvocate

    CNA's Union-Busting in Ohio-An Open Letter

    Way to go Linda! It's great to see the real RNs of CHP saying what the truth is about this horrible situation.
  6. RNadvocate

    SEIU Vote at Ohio Catholic Healthcare Partners

    Of course. Frankly, I've raised a lot of important issues here and am shocked that the response is to question my credentials. The real question is why you are supporting thousands of RNs having their opportunity to form their union threatened by a group that wanted nothing to do with them until their vote was coming up.
  7. RNadvocate

    SEIU Vote at Ohio Catholic Healthcare Partners

    hey all. things in ohio are really bad for rns. i've been doing my home work and here's what i have come up with. be sure to check out this article: http://www.commondreams.org/news2008/0310-09.htm here are my thoughts: as the health care crisis worsens and staffing levels continue to fall, all registered nurses face an important choice about the best model to improve patient care and the profession. this choice breaks down to going down a radical path based on confrontation and a path toward building a real national nurse's union based on real partnership and cooperation. the california nurses association/nnoc firmly believes the best way to improve nursing is to lead nurses down a path to radical conflicts with their hospitals. strikes despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of rns believe that strikes should only be called in the most dire of circumstances, the cna regularly takes nurses out on strike. radical politics when the x number of uninsured had an opportunity to get health care coverage in california, the cna blocked the effort because the program was not close enough to the single payer health coverage model favored by countries like cuba. in 2000 the cna endorsed ralph nader for president. nader was, and is, a marginal political figure with no real hope of being in any elected position to advocate for nursing issues. non-union is better than non-cna there are currently 100,000 non-union nurses in ca. despite this being the most logical place for the cna to organize, they have spent thousands of dollars in rns' dues to disrupt nurses' organizing efforts around the country. cna organizers have worked to stop rns from organizing with any other union in ohio, st. louis, chicago, reno, and memphis. this has left thousands of rns without a professional organization or an ability to bargain for improvements. focus on breaking up existing rn organizations rather than uniting non-union rns rather than focusing on uniting more non-union rns the cna has chosen to break up and take over existing rn organizations. in chicago, cook county hospital rns were lured away from the illinois nurses' association with promises of california style wages and staffing ratios. the cna deducted dues before they had a contract and was unable to make any significant gains in wages or staffing. no plan to protect the entire patient care team most rns believe that relying on registered nurses to do total care limits the amount of time rns can devote to the care and education of their patients. despite this, the cna has time and time again left rns in a position where their ancillary staff could be taken away from them. having no plan to protect ancillary staff could require rns to do housekeeping work or commit to extra hours to fill in the gaps. top down leadership rather than building a team of nation rn leaders, in the media all we ever hear from is cna executive director rose ann demoro. if the cna truly believes that rns can speak for themselves, why is the director of the organization the only person who speaks on behalf of the cna? partnership is bad, except for when it's with us in numerous places around the country when rns reach agreements with their employers for a fair process by which rns can decide for themselves whether to form a union or not, the cna has worked to block rns from taking advantage of these opportunities. once these agreements are significantly disrupted the cna will seek exactly the same rules to run their own campaigns.
  8. RNadvocate

    Raids on members causing high fever in nurse unions

    I just think it's crazy for RNs to undermine each other and the patient care team and then say it's because that's what's best for RNs. We should support each other in whatever endeavor we take on.
  9. RNadvocate

    ABC.com nurse's blog

    Gordon does and she is right on. visit www.silencetovoice.com -- and if you are looking for good blogs besides this one there is also www.nurseblog.org
  10. RNadvocate

    Wearing scrubs in public...

    they used to differentiate in our hospital about who wore scrubs -- dark blue for nurses, lab coats for managers etc. Now everyone (including EVS) wears scrubs. everyone looks like a nurse. scary.
  11. RNadvocate

    Nursing shortage...

    start here: http://www.bizjournals.com/orlando/stories/2006/03/06/daily22.html?t=email_story&op=send_email&email_to=boomreed@aol.com&email_from=valleel@seiu.org&email_note=here+is+some+press+about+our+conversation%21 study: nurse shortage linked to pay orlando business journal - march 8, 2006 increasing nurses' pay is the most direct way to solve the hospital nurse shortage, says a new study by the institute for women's policy research. supply-and-demand principles suggest that hospitals are not offering high enough pay to fill their nursing positions, says the study, titled "solving the nursing shortage through higher wages," which was funded by the service employees international union. then visit: www.iwpr.org to read report or http://www.valuecarevaluenurses.org
  12. RNadvocate


    YES!! if you take report and accept patients and THEN you leave it is abandonment. if you refuse to accept report or take the patients it is not abandonment -- but you can get fired. (unless you have a union) but you CANNOT STOP delivering care once you start.
  13. RNadvocate

    Raids on members causing high fever in nurse unions

    sorry -- I was unclear earlier -- I meant because CNA endorsed Ralph Nader (Green Party -- said Gore and Bush were exactly the same) for President in 2000 and nurses' dues money paid for his campaign. not quite right for the South. ANYWAY --if management hates unions and asociations so much -- why are they in one?? They pay dues to the hospital association, which lobbies on their behalf, and nationally lobbies against ratios and other regulatory improvements every year. they know the union is the right thing, and so do the doctors, they just don't want nurses to have what managers, administrators and doctors have: POWER
  14. RNadvocate

    Raids on members causing high fever in nurse unions

    it's just TERRIBLE that CNA, no matter how much good they done in California, would DECERTIFY another union. That doesn't build anything and just does managements job. CNA shouldn't be in the south at all since they support RALPH NADER and have no history. it's offensive when people try and come in from the outside and say how it should be. If they are so great in CA they should stay there -- I heard they just gave up at Cedars-Sinai in LA and walked away because it was too hard. The rest of us want a union affilitated nationally with power and run locally in our states, not by California radicals who dont work with anyone and think they are better than everyone. Extremism doesn't work in health care. We have to work together. I dont hate my hospital, I want us to figure out how to do a better job together.
  15. RNadvocate

    Value Care Value Nurses campaign

    A union is only as strong as it's members and with 84,000 rns across the nation -- I'm with Nurse Alliance. -- democracy rules. any way I think it's time to hold the entire healthcare industry accountable to our vision of how care should be delivered. WE NEED TO WORK TOGETHER to do that. The entire healthcare team and all RNs. They want us to divide so they conquer. im sure the industry loves to see us squabble agmonst ourselves -- then we see them pocketing billions while our patients suffer.
  16. sorry -- i just cant belive that they have the money for these computers systems (ours was 30k per mobile terminal) but not for raises or staff or linen pads. See the IWPR on misplaced priorities for hc industry: http://www.iwpr.org/ and the report on how higher wage would help recruit & retain (duh) is there or http://www.valuecarevaluenurses.org/toolkit/40980_SEIU_Book.pdf ps -- great that you are at union facility -- makes a difference!!