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come to our party: 2002 ana convention learn how ana works, is protecting and promoting the profession of nursing, earn ceu's and reinvigorate your practice. (also get to meet nrskaren !) ... Read More

  1. by   NRSKarenRN
    JT re Nursing Museums:
    2 in Philadelphis.

    First is at Pennsylvania Hospital, nations first hospital and one of the founding institutions of the ANA.

    Second is at the University of Pennsylvania 's School of Nursing (UPENN) and is a more extensive collection with librarian and catalloged collections, including the VNA of Philadlphia's founding and development and several diploma school of nursing records.

    Pennsylvania Hospital is now part of Penn Health System along with UPENN. Whether both merge is unknown.

    Also of interest:
    American Assoc. for History of Nursing:
  2. by   -jt
    <First is at Pennsylvania Hospital, nations first hospital and one of the founding institutions of the ANA.

    This is the one we were looking for & finally found. How we found it was so typical we had to laugh. After finding the hospital ourselves on our way back from Antique Row, we went in & asked for the museum but the security guards didnt know. We were told to go ask at "the old building". So we find that building & it was gorgeous! A white painted & mahogany entrance with a rotunda, skylights, & double turned staircases along both sides - all Victorian woodwork everywhere - it was gorgeous! I could live in just that foyer & be happy.

    We climbed up flights & flights of those stairs looking for the museum - found a lot of MD portraits lining the walls but no mention of nurses. Found one of the first ORs - a round room with benches along the walls & a big wooden butcher-block-like table in the center - but no nurses. Displays of OR instruments & manuals but no nurses. Then, being nurses, we both had a realization at the same time & didnt even have to say what had just dawned on us...... "the nurses museum is not going to be up here in this beautiful tower....most likely its in a back basement"....

    so we went all the way back down the stairs to I think the 2nd floor -through a nice set of doors, then through a not as nice set of doors, to a narrow hall where the lighting was dark, the whole placed looked gray and dingy, and the offices we passed had no windows..... so we knew we were on the right track for anything to do with the hospitals nurses........ then sure enough a little tiny sign "Nursing Dept". Wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy down the end of this lonnnnnng dark depressing hall, was the "museum" which was a very interesting historical perspective thru photos, articles, tools of the trade through the years, actual nurses uniforms of the past 100 yrs & some stories about who wore them, an array of different nurses caps from real nurses of the last century, nurses dolls, stories from nurses in the military, etc.

    It was nice but it seemed symbolic of typical attitudes when we found such a beautiful, elaborate place where the MDs were honored & then the contrast of the place where RNs were honored. We were insulted! My friend wanted to make a complaint.... something about disrespect. lol.
    But anybody walking into the place could see the MDs stories immediately in the beautiful section. But nobody would even know the RNs stories existed there & could be viewed unless they went just to see it like we did. And not only that, but the nursing adminsitration of that hospital has to work down there in that dungeon. Its just so typical. lol
  3. by   Jenny P
    Jt, I already know Bassbird and am taking her "under my wing" so to speak, so will make sure she's ready for convention one way or another. I don't have a single picture of you and me together-- I'm the one usually taking pictures because I like that side of the camera better. I just found the rolls of film before Christmas with you and my roommate on them; they had been missing since convention because I'd put them in with some Christmas presents I bought in DC. I can't see very good if I'm not wearing my glasses; and I guess I wasn't wearing them when I was looking for the missing rolls of film, because the rolls matched the bag color too well. I'll scan them probably this weekend and will try to e-mail them to you, okay? Hey, I "lost" 2 shirts the same way; they were in the bottom of my suitcase but I couldn't see them because they matched the suitcase liner too! (I hate this getting old stuff; there are new surprises every day: grumble, grumble).
  4. by   -jt
    Hi Jenny...... I just have been informed that I was elected as an alternate for ANA HOD. Im already a UAN delegate, so I gues Ill be there for both & the whole thing this time. I hope somebody knows some night life in that city!
  5. by   RNforLongTime
    Is there going to be an exhibit hall at the ANA Convention? If so maybe we can talk Brian into sponsoring a booth or something? I'd be willing to volunteer some time manning it.
  6. by   NRSKarenRN
    Large exhibit area as many RN attendees are in Management or are Nursing Educators along with Staff Nurses....great way to get your name known.

    Exhibitors Link:
  7. by   -jt
    Theres always lots of exhibits at these kinds of things because many attendees are staff nurses and the manufacturers know they will bring the product samples back to the job & promote things they like & that may eventually lead to an order. Theres also exhibits from nursing journals, magazines, websites, recruiters, and everything else nurses might be interested in - like cruises! ; )
  8. by   NRSKarenRN
    DON'T FORGET!!!!

    Register by April 1st and be entered to win round-trip airfare for one and hotel accommodations for up to 4 nights. Winner will be notified by April 15th.

    Also, If you volunteer can get up to 25% rebate!!!!

    See details at:
    Main Convention Link:

    ANA Convention 2002: Schedule at a Glance

    Hope to get a group of allnurses posters together! This time have cell phone AND walky talkies !!!!
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  9. by   aus nurse
    I'm jealous and I want to come.
    I'm the secretary of our branch (ANF) here and I just think they should sponsor me to fly over there and foster international union relationships. Reckon I've got much chance???
    Hmm, maybe one day, coz it does sound so much fun.
    Meanwhile I'll start accruing trade union leave...lol
  10. by   -jt
    <I'm the secretary of our branch (ANF) here and I just think they should sponsor me to fly over there and foster international union relationships. Reckon I've got much chance???>

    Thats not such a bad idea! You'll never know until you ask.
  11. by   bassbird
    Hi Karen,

    I just got approval from my school to pay for my student registration fee! Now I can come to the convention. (Although, I'm still trying to get a scholarship to help with the travel cost )

    Hopefully I will be rooming with Jenny P. I look forward to meeting all of you there!

  12. by   -jt

    I just received my regsitration packet. There is a notice that says:

    "The association has decided not to hold events in any Marriott hotels because of the Marriotts known anti-union positions."

    A block of rooms has been set aside for NYSNA at Loews instead. Just wondering if you know of any other non-Marriott hotels in walking distance of the convention center that you could recommend?

  13. by   NRSKarenRN
    Sorry JT took so long in posting....thought it was done on 6th, visited here and saw I'd forgotten.

    Rodeway Inn Philadelphia -25 rooms
    1208 Walnut Street
    AAA 2 Diamonds, 89.00 - 259.00
    4 blocks away, 10 min walk

    Hilton Garden Inn Philadelphia Center City -279 rooms
    1100 Arch Street
    AAA rated 3 Diamonds, 55.00 - 219.95
    1 block away
    Hotel Parking - $22.00

    Crowne Plaza Center City - 445 rooms
    1800 Market Street
    AAA rated 3 Diamonds,129.95 - 269.95
    5 blocks away -10 min walk
    Hotel Parking - $20.00

    120 South 17th Street
    New 2000, 153.00
    5 blocks
    Valet Parking - $23.00(cheeper than reg)

    Holiday Inn Express
    1305 Walnut St. (Midtown)
    4 blocks

    Link to accommodations and packages:

    Phila Map-Star is Phila Convention Center: