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I just wanted to take the time to thank you guys. For the past month, I've researched the ANA and paid much attention to the legislation you post here. I finally came to the realization that... Read More

  1. by   -jt
    <One of my most favorite volunteer positions was Director-at-large for 3rd District nurses>

    well well well....... Im impressed! lol. You have been a busy gal!

    Would you care to explain what a "director-at-large" does?

    I am amazed at all the things you were able to do for yourself professionally, with all those other life obstacles to get past. You just took away any excuses I might have come up with for still having my Christmas decorations up - tree included! "I dont have time" certainly cant be used - not after I just read all the things you made time for along with everything else you had going on. lol

    (you think we can get Karen to take us for some of those famous Philly cheese steaks she was talking about when we get over there this summer?)
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  2. by   canoehead
    Thanks jt I will keep your comments in mind. Maybe I just need a little while to nurse hurt feelings.

    I did not know about the June conference, it would be a great time to meet everyone! Must check my funds.
  3. by   CaronRN58
    Things are a little slow with ANA-Maine because they are a new association. I joined in Nov.2001 and still don't have my card and am not receiving the AJN yet. Have been assured by one of the officers, that I know, that these things will start happening soon.
    Hope you decide to join ANA-Maine. There is power in numbers.
  4. by   -jt
    <I did not know about the June conference, it would be a great time to meet everyone! Must check my funds.>

    The annual convention - where we do the work & vote on the issues & direct the ANA. The UAN (collective bargaining) annual convention is in the same place a couple of days before and does the same thing for the UAN. Last year it was in DC, this year Philly. Its business, education, networking & fun. Besides making the decisions for your national professional association, you earn CEs. The voting is done by the delegates you elect in your state & whom you direct with your input at your state convention, surveys, polls, committee meetings, and submitted comments throughout the year. They then go to convention as ANA House of Delegate officers & vote as directed by the membership of your state assoc.
    (structure based on the House of Representatives in Congress). In the meantime, all members can attend Convention, observe the business & voting sessions, participate in the educational seminars & everything else there and receive CEs. Check the ANA website (and also your state assoc website) every so often - lots of info about lots of things: http://www.ANA.org

    ANA 2002 Convention and Exposition
    June 29- July 2, 2002
    Convention Center,
    Philadelphia, PA
    Philadelphia, PA June 29-July 2, 2002
    Washington, DC June 27-29, 2003
    Minneapolis, MN June 25-30, 2004

    Conference Information:
    Conference Schedule-at-a-Glance
    Educational Program
    Convention Registration
    Exhibitor and Sponsor Information

    Non-members also welcome to attend.

    Id still keep calling the ANA-Maine to remind that you are a new member & havent yet received your materials.
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  5. by   NRSKarenRN
    And remember , for coming to the convention, I'll treat you to a Philly cheesesteak, Frank's Black Cherry soda, Tastycake desert and Philly soft pretzel next door at the Reading Terminal Market if you tell me your coming and post here (unless you want health food...they have that too)!
  6. by   RNKitty
    You all make me smile!