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  1. by   RNsRWe
    I have often been amused at the notion that the person with whom I am speaking decides "what" I am. For instance, in chatting with my father, I am obviously a bleeding-heart liberal with no clue how government really works, and why our nation is falling apart (cheery talks, I assure you!).

    When talking with my mother (yes, these two people ARE divorced!) I am obviously a hard-headed conservative who cannot think things through the way those with more scholarly gifts do....I just don't 'understand' what it is that's really at stake when conservatives get their way.


    I am neither far-leaning left, nor far-leaning right. I DO identify as a moderate. Some things that Republican politicians do make me cringe with their self-righteous thick-headedness. And some things that Democratic politicians do create the same feeling within me.

    But my point is that the one who is TALKING is usually not LISTENING, so it's very easy to label the person who mentions just one thing in opposition to their own opinions as "The Other Side".

    Interesting, don't you think?
  2. by   bagladyrn
    It seems to me that those who wish to limit a conversation to only those who share their point of view are seeking affirmation rather than open discussion.
    I was lucky enough in my formative years to have an aunt who was at the far opposite end of the political spectrum from my views. I considered it a wonderful thing because she encouraged me to debate any and all topics but forced me to present support and well documented arguments. This really helped me to think through and solidify my beliefs and opinions. I was fortunate to have her around from my early adolescense until my 50's.
    Now I carry on this tradition with my daughter-in-law's father (who is even further out there). Dinner table conversations become heated at times but also hilarious as we both have a sense of humor about it all!
  3. by   exp626
    I assume you refer to political leanings, as I don't know what else it would be! If so, it's probably more related to your location than anything else. I'm a liberal, but I live in a very red district and most of the nurses I work with are very conservative. It's not fun to be in the minority, is it?!

    I've figured out that getting along with my coworkers is more important than espousing my views to them, so I just don't engage. I respect our opposing views and pretty much keep politics out of our discussions. If I'm around a discussion I disagree with, sometimes I'll stick around and just listen, as I learn even from people I disagree with, and I like to hear other people's opinions. If I'm not learning anything, I just excuse myself.
  4. by   pmabraham
    Good day:

    "how many conservatives are on this board???"

    Raises hand as being one.

    Thank you.
  5. by   RobBSNRN
    <--- Socially liberal but conservative in everything else.
  6. by   Lauraingalls
    I am a conservative!
  7. by   CantDecideUsername
    I'm republican all the way
  8. by   RNbellashadow
    I lean to the right....
  9. by   OnOn2NICU
    Count me in. I also have an MPH from prob one of the most liberal universities in the south ... That was fun :-p
  10. by   ®Nurse
    Quote from toomuchbaloney
    It is nice when conservatives are able to answer questions about their beliefs. Just like when we are in college, it is informative to consider and provide a concise and factual summary of the situation and your thoughts about it.

    Yes. It is probably nice to have a debate when you feel like debating.

    However, I believe the OP intended to talk with other conservatives without side bar conversations with folks who wish to debate and debunk. It gets stressful enough at work to have to chew on your tongue when someone expresses an opinion that is woefully different than your own. It is quite a different matter to try and start a forum for a certain viewpoint in order to have a free conversation with other like minded nurses when you get chastised or discouraged from doing so. It's almost like getting interrupted during a discussion, to debate and defend a topic, and then losing track of what you were trying to get at to begin with. That goes for liberal and conservative.

    As it has been noticed, especially if you go over to a few other forums on this website, that things can get downright nasty. Just try saying "I Love Barack Obama", or "I Love Sarah Palin" and you'll quickly see what I mean.

    Sometimes in life, it is refreshing to enjoy the similarities in others without having to defend your thoughts. Liberal and Conservative alike.
  11. by   emtb2rn
    @nurse said "Sometimes in life, it is refreshing to enjoy the similarities in others without having to defend your thoughts".

    OK, but doesn't that simply become an echo chamber?
  12. by   Dewman
    Another conservative nurse here.
  13. by   subee
    I was a Republican when I was younger (am 67 now) but today's Republicans embarrass me and I think Obama is so out of his league.
    We've lost the moderate shadings in both groups. Aristotle's Golden Mean is my truth but don't see it used anymore....since we are becoming more stupid with each generation.