Hi from ANA Convention!!

  1. Welcome to all the allnurses members attending the ANA Convention in Philly! Sitting next to JT as I post after having a lunchtime get-together and discussing future direction of ANA.

    Have allnurses.com pen for all who can find me, a gift from Brian plus allnurses convention button I created.

    My convention assignment:
    6/29 3-5PM in CE area 1st Fl area
    7/1 10AM-2PM in Poster/Exhibit area
    7/2 1-4PM in CE area

    Was at the House of Delegates looking for Jenny, hopefully will catch up tomorrow.

    Check out the PSNA Booth #803 having Byers Caroler Nursing doll, limited edition created for convention along with Clara Barton type doll available.

    Many CEU sessions available....all the red bags were stuffed with info last night by our PSNA volunteers, including yours truly, my sons and scout friends. Never realized how hard it was to colate materials!

    Post convention news tomorrow.
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  3. by   oramar
    Cooool, keep us posted.
  4. by   -jt
    Found Karen today in time for a nice leisurely lunch before the ANA convention started today. And she was a wonderful hostess.
    Thanks so much, Karen! And thanks for the adorable allnurses.com pin you made!

    I was in Philly since the 25th - first at the convention of the national RN labor union - The United American Nurses/ANA - working on proposals with other UAN union nurses from coast to coast for our union to present to the ANA for the ANA restructuring. An intense 3 days but very gratifying to see so many unionized nurses from so many states in our association all across the country, including the South, come together unanimously, with a common view & attainable goals.

    The empowerment & solidarity among UAN union nurses from Alaska to Florida & even the Virgin Islands was incredible. Their stories on the work they have been doing in their states to raise the standard for pt safety & for nurses in the workplace & in their benefits & pay was very impressive. The fights they have had to wage against administrators who try to beat them down at every turn brought tears to the eyes of anyone listening. But the victories these nurses are having despite the challenges thrown at them are amazing & inspiring. Especially in the South, where, with the help of the UAN, RNs are successfully organizing & unionizing with their state associations & making improvements for themselves despite those damnable "right to work" laws.

    I wish all nurses could have seen & heard what I did this week. They would see there is light at the end of the tunnel.

    Also participating in the convention were union representatives of SEIU, HPAE, AFT, AFSCME- AFLCIO, and the Australia Nurses Assoc. All of us fighting the same fight & tackling it together. Such an energizing experience this was.

    And so nice to get a chance to chat & enjoy a meal & drinks with Karen....

    hey Brian... thanks for the pens! BTW, UAN & ANA conventions are in Minnesota in 2004......
    Think......Vendor's exhibits hall....
    think.......thousands of RNs passing thru.......
    think...vendors..... pharmaceutical companies.......medical supplies companies.... nursing supplies companies..... networking....contacts.....advertizers....sponsors ....

    :::::::::::::: ( elbow to Brians ribs ) ::::::::::::::

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  5. by   moonshadeau
    We (JennyP, Bassbird and myself) found NRSKaren too. Wearing my allnurses.com pin. Great time so far. Did a side trip and got lost for two hours. But this farm girl is having a great time at the convention in the REALLY BIG CITY.

    Discussion of HOD not so good the last couple of days, productivity wise.
  6. by   NRSKarenRN
    Spent several hours observing House of Delegates(HOD) (good chance to do needlepoint too!) with Moonshadeau, Bassbird and Jenny P . Observed the democratic process using 'Robert's rules of order' and passage of resolution requiring nurses be part of Disaster Prepardness Planning and Training.

    Introduced Jenny P to the delicacy of Philly soft shoe crabs while we muched with Bassbird at theReading Terminal Market. Many CEU programs ongoing as much as 22.5 CEU can be earned. Even won a prize for volunteering. Having fun networking with nurses from australia (who snapped our pic) and passing out our pens. Hopefully will gain more BB members!

    Check out some of the speeches presented:

    Mary Foley: 2002 House of Delegates President's Address

    Linda J. Stierle, CEO - Speech to the 2002 House of Delegates
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  7. by   shay
    Well, dang.........don't I feel like a big fat loser for not being there.

    Keep us posted, ladies!!!
  8. by   -jt
    <<This past summer I had the opportunity to experience mandatory overtime up close and personal. Within a 12 day period, I lost both my brother-in-law and mother-in-law. In shifts, my husband and I spent 24 hours a day at the hospital with his mother prior to her death.......
    It will surprise no one in this room when I say I saw nursing personnel working 16 hour shifts which equated to almost 20 hours, not one day, not even two but three and four consecutive days. I'd like to tell you that my mother-in-law received great nursing care, but the truth of the matter is she didn't. Mistakes were made, but I knew it was not due to negligence or incompetence but rather to fatigue which impacts our clinical skills and critical thinking abilities. Overtime, and in particular mandatory overtime has to go and ANA is working diligently to ensure that it does......
    Our unwavering efforts to improve the work environment for nurses paid off in November when the House and Senate introduced legislation that would strictly limit mandatory overtime. We were in the forefront of the push for this legislation, working collaboratively on its development with members of Congress and other organizations...mostly unions... representing nurses. We must be willing to persist and persevere on this important issue. >

    I can imagine the ovation the nurses from unionized states in the room gave to these comments, but just out of curiosity, when Linda Steirle, pro-union RN from Texas & ANA CEO, said this in her welcoming address to the ANA House of Delegates, what was the response from all those Southern, anti-union nurses in the room?
  9. by   NRSKarenRN
    Have greatly enjoyed my 'hang time' with Bassbird, Jenny an Moonshadeau today!

    Kudus to nursingworld, ANA's nursing website for having an internet cafe so I can check in here from the convention.

    Attending a financial planning session this morning that was very informative re preserving assets for the older RN.

    Minneappolis will be the next bienniel convention last week June 2004---hope to see more allnurses posters then....

    BRIAN, we need a booth there!!!

  10. by   NRSKarenRN
    Well finally caught up with Woo 2 at Hard Rock Cafe at dinner time yesterday and ate dinner with two of her friends.

    Brian, passing out pens like crazy. Hope to see upswing in traffic here.

    Last day today. Many CEU sessions remain. Listened to financial planning for nurses, ANA house delegates, How to return CARING to your practice and the GENOME Project (along with a few protesters for the dissabled wanting ANA to help pass legislation to encourage more WAVIER medicaid services).

    Also sweezing in Pediatricians visit so sons can get physicals for Scout Camp.