Fake drugs show up in U.S. pharmacies

  1. Counterfeiters: able to slip fake drugs into U.S. pharmacies.

    USA Today, May 15, 2003
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  3. by   jnette
    That's very scary... and really, really disturbing... sad. Too sad.

    All of our patients get Epo nad our outpatients Procrit. Makes one wonder... guess their labs will show if they are getting the diluted fakes, though. But still, this is so sad. Ppl will do just anything to make a buck anymore...
  4. by   jenac
    I found this notice a few weeks ago. I have a pt. on Procrit injections so I was concerned. Not many people are aware of it. Follow the link to the Procrit site for ways to tell if it's a fake or not.

    WebMD-Date of alert: March 12, 2003

    What is alerted: The FDA has uncovered Contaminated, counterfeit versions of Procrit, a drug that stimulates red blood cell production in people with anemia. Procrit's manufacturer, Ortho Biotech Products, has sent a letter to healthcare professionals alerting them that the fake drug likely poses a serious health risk to patients.

    The products are labeled as Procrit (epoetin alfa) and have lot numbers that are authentic, although the product is not:

  5. by   jemb
    This happened previously, too. It was in the news over a year ago - maybe more. One of our patients apparently had been getting the fake drug because he had required frequent transfusions. After we were alerted to the counterfeiting, and were sure that he was getting Procrit, he no longer needed transfusions.
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  8. by   oramar
    It is lipitor in the news now.