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In my part time civilian job the nurses have no rights. One nurse was slapped across the face in her patients room by a dr. one was choked, and the other had a knife pulled on her. All by dr's. ... Read More

  1. by   ingrid
  2. by   shanzah
    The last doctor that hit or threw something at a nurse in my facility wound up on a peaNUT farm in south dakota. Not Allowed. We don't give up our chairs for them anymore either
  3. by   kaycee
    I agree with willdtime. Every nurse in that hospital should have walked out until those so called docs were canned. A few docs short is nothing compared to a hospital with no nurses.
    Let's stick together guys, nothing will ever change if we don't!
  4. by   Hooligan
    You have got to be $hitting me!!! So Help me Sheba...if that ever happened to me I would have jock kicked that SOB so hard and fast he would'nt even know what happened to him. AND...if I EVER found out that one of my co-workers was treated this way I would walk out immediatly if there were no actions taken by the admin. to revoke the stupid f@ck's liscence. I am not yet a nurse...but you better believe I will never be treated that way. I grew up in an abusive home 'cause I had no choice, but I'll be damned if I'm going to work in an environment like that! God...I'm utterly disgusted!

  5. by   Jacaut
    Perhaps the nurses involved should not only sue the doctors but the hospital for not providing a safe working environment. Make it a class action suit and get anyone who has been a victim of harassment by those Dr.s involved. Contact some of those hardworking labor unions and find out how to get organized... also try some of the action groups. I'm sure that there are people outside the situation who would be VERY interested in victims essentually losing their jobs because of a doctor's abuse.

    Don't just speak up- ACT!

  6. by   traumaRUs
    What in the world were these nurses thinking? If I was ever hit by an MD - he'd get the sh@t beat out of him!! No holds barred. I was hit in the face by a drunk patient once (hard enough to break my glasses) and in my state (illinois) its a felony - so off to jail he went and believe me, the cops weren't polite.

    I'm an ER RN and the cops love us...
  7. by   cammie
    Well I know in England that this sort of attitude stems from old fashioned nurses perpetuating the 'doc is a god' thing. Once dipped in this solution most doc's expect to be treated like one and they think they can act anyway they want. I once had surgeons throw things at me when I worked as a scrub nurse in theatre. I responded by throwing my instruments down and telling him to get another scrub nurse who was mug enough to stand this treatment. I told him I was there as his assistant not as a rubbing rag and he might have treat women as second rate citizens in his country but they aren't here. This surgeon never treat me badly again. The nurses that you have observed being abused want to get together and refuse to work for him. I'm sure your legal system is supposed to get to the point i suggest these nurses use it or threaten him with losing his career and manlihood.
  8. by   hadit
    I can't believe that this would be tolerated by ANY of the nurses or even administrators at a facility much less those it actually happened to. The Docs are still working also? I'd never as a patient have a doctor who pulled a knife on someone nor any of the other acts of aggression that are mentioned. There is something seriously wrong with this picture!

    Original poster said...."One nurse was slapped across the face in her patients room by a dr. one was choked, and the other had a knife pulled on her. All by dr's.

    The cases are still pending after 13 months. The dr's are still working at this hospital. The nurses can not come back to work until the cases are resolved. "
  9. by   tapper
    Although I would never condone any type of physical violence in this scenerio. I take a bit of offense that the majority of you who replied made the implication that the guilty MD was a MALE. Just an observation.
  10. by   Jacaut
    Tapper, you raise a good point. Although the majority of violent crimes are committed by men and the greater majority of Dr.s are also male, there is no reason to assume all the doctors in question were male. Women tend to be agressive verbally, but listening to some of the replies certainly is eye opening. Violent behavior is on the uprise amongst women. It may be more equal- but it certainly isn't better.

    All of that aside, the real problem remains that not only is violence completely inappropriate in any workplace- it is shocking in a field which is supposed to promote health and wellbeing. Zero tolerence- that's my motto!

  11. by   Jenny P
    3 different nurses being assaulted and or battered by 3 different doc? What type of place IS this? WHY is there such a tolerance for violence in this workplace? And these cases are still PENDING after 13 months? WHY? I would use every one of these suggestions listed here; and I would make sure that the public was notified and told that this type of behavior was tolerated at this facility. Wouldn't it also be helpful for JCAHO to also be notified-- aren't they the people that tell us we have to report any sign of PATIENT abuse? If a patient needs to tell us of feeling unsafe, why hasn't every single nurse at that facility reported to them that they feel unsafe working there with these docs on the loose?
    To me, the 3 assaulted nurses should have used every legal, regulatory and publicity means possible to bring these docs to justice and the facility to its' knees for tokerating this behavior.
  12. by   wildtime88

    Guilty as charged. That did not even dawn on me.
  13. by   NavyRN
    This is what happens when top level nurses do not support the staff nurses. The DNS at this hospital works with her tail between her legs. She denies anything ever took place.

    This happened at a hospital in San Bernardino County, CA. (Palm Desert, CA) This was never reported to the police.

    My guess is that this behavior is still going on, and it's not going to stop until the cover up job stops.