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  1. by   HM2VikingRN
    Quote from spacenurse
    People become wealthy in this country by using tax supported services. they use our infrastructure more.

    They benefit from the public education that prepared their employees to produce the goods and services that created their wealth.
    That is the single best argument in favor of retaining the Estate Tax!
  2. by   mercyteapot
    Quote from OB_RN
    What I SAID was "we have a terrorist threat here."
    I never called anyone anything.
    YOU did.
    I know what you SAID. No need to SHOUT. How is a terrorist threat possible without terrorists? Now you take care you don't hurt yourself backpedaling.
  3. by   cherrymary
    Hi all, I thought I'd jump in again and explain myself since I'm the one who first responded to your post about Arabic patients, OB_RN. I apologize, my use of the phrase "racial profiling" was sort of a kneejerk reaction and not fair to you, I'm sure. What really got me - leaving "anchor babies" completely aside for the moment - was just the fact that you identified these people under the blanket term "Arabic-speaking" - which shouldn't be heard as a terrorist threat. I am of the opinion that language should not be conflated with race, culture, or political ideology, no matter whether it's a Spanish speaker assumed to be an illegal immigrant or an Arabic speaker heard as a terrorist threat. In my experience it's a totally natural reaction to be frustrated, annoyed, and even suspicious when you hear people speaking a language you don't understand - must be instinct or something - but that is no grounds for what amounts to discrimination based on national origin (see the USDOJ Civil Rights Act Title VI).
  4. by   OB_RN
    All right, look, my only intention was to point out that "coming to America to have your baby" could have later repercussions.
    I realize now that my opinion was not anything to do with the intent of the one who began this thread.

    I surely did not intend to take anyones bait and enter (or begin, for that matter), a pi$$ing contest.
    I now I will be accused of back pedalling here, but what the heck...

    I should have been more direct, not saying "Arabic speaking", but maybe use the term "short term visitors from the Middle East"? I only mean to say that there is a security issue here. The plan to blow up the WTC wasn't formulated on 9-10-01. If you want to infiltrate our country, this is one way.
    Maybe I am too cynical.
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    After skim reading last several posts, closing for the night to cool down + review TOS conformity.

    Please keep focus on topic and not each other.... don't want to loose a member due to poked eye from fingerpointing.