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  1. by   fronkey bean
    Quote from sharona97

    I agree with you. Your points are valid. But aren't we already paying for those who smoke? Look at the CHF hospitalizations alone. Not all smoked, but probably had a poor non-cardiac lifestyle, or were genetically prediposed.

    Another poster pointed out that the amount of premium paid by their family was in part due to those individuals who "make less". I believe that may have some truth too it. For always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself. (Desiderata Ehrmann, Max)
    Yes, there is some truth that cost goes up across the board when one segment of the population is costing the providers more money. But the insurance co.s have built in increases for those who have high risk habits (I don't know about you but I had to submit to a test for nicotine in my blood in order to get my life insurance and I think I did for my health insurance too). All those questionaires and physicals are to see if there is some reason they can charge you extra for the same coverage.
    As for the folks in the hosp. who are there b/c of their poor lifestyle choices, the ones that cost me the most are those on the gov't payroll who cause taxes to go up with their indiscriminate use of medical resources b/c they will not control the factors that cause them to get sick in the first place.
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    Quote from Jolie
    I only wish there was one

    If we could just though them all in a blender then boil them to distill out the best parts of their plans. And if nothing good was distilled out, at least it would be fun to put them all through the blender

    I admit that I may be overly skeptical and suspicious of anything government related, especially when it has the potential to profoundly impact on me, myself, and I.

    I find one thing to be curiously absent from any candidate's healthcare proposal, and that is a pilot study. If these candidates (Republicans and Democrats alike) are so jack sure that their answers are the answers, why don't they make their cases by proposing carefully planned trials? I'll answer my own question: Because they know they are fudging on the facts and withholding important information that the American people will find unacceptable once the plans are underway.
    Good point!
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    Quote from mjlrn97
    I am not at all impressed with this plan.
    I'm not at all impressed with anything she has to say.
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    Go Hillary, we love you
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    Unbelievable that you had to submit to a nicotine test, don't they know about 2nd hand smoke by now?????? And I hear you about those who make it hard, for the person who is in a precarious position healthwise, to feel fudged on because of the others choices. Life just isn't fair. It's too stressful as it is and then "we" the people have to make a decision that is very hard to ensure our own prosperity, good health and fair turnabout.

    I just wish at times (because of the lies we've been insulted through) I was Houdini!
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    Hoooray for Hillary