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  1. by   wildtime88

    I have never commented on mental aptitude or ability to learn. You are intent on making me into some kind of racist. Just how low will you stoop?
  2. by   wildtime88
    Jt when a person out right lies not just once but twice. Then it makes them a liar.

    I asked you to prove your remarks that you made and you refused.

    I have directly confronted you about this and yet you still refuse.

    JT, YOU are a liar. I for one do not take much stock in what a known liar says. I think anyone who has read your comments is pretty sure that this was not accidental.

    It appears that you have gotten caught in your lies and now you are blowing as much smoke as you can to hide from them.
  3. by   wildtime88
    "Must just be me lying & not you objecting to the fact that financial help will be available to what the ANA has identified as "disadvantaged students and under-represented minority groups in the profession" (including men) - those that you have called "targets", "welfare mothers", "socially and economically challenged women", "with low self esteem and other negative personality problems they come with", "take a count of who is standing in WIC lines at the health clinic", "notice who is paying with food stamps at the grocery store", "do you really want your life to be in the hands of someone who doesnt want to be there?", etc, etc (do a search & read your own posts). Sounds like complaints to me & they imply that people receiving public assistance are undesirable as nursing students . "

    JT, again with the lies. This was said in reference to a question posed by December in which I was referring to the number of people and nothing else. You really are good with twisting the truth. Why does that not surprise me?
    OH, I know why, because you are a liar.

    Believe me if that would have been anywhere close to what I was wanting to say, then I would have come right out and said it. I do not think anyone would ever accuse me of being suttle.
  4. by   -jt
    <I asked you to prove your remarks that you made and you refused>

    I did not "refuse". I told you how to find them. I just did not do it for you.

    I am not going to do you the favor of re-posting those posts and their offensive inferences for you. Its enough that I have already quoted sentences from them. Dont expect me to also give your opinions about the disadvantaged more "air time" by re-posting them in their entirety. Anybody who wants to read what you wrote can look for it themselves with a search under "welfare".

    Now back to the real reasons why you want to stop any legislation that will help solve the shortage of new students coming into the profession:

    <<"To all agency/registry/prn, and traveling nurses in the U.S. are you ready for a pay cut and the return to being regular staff?
    I hope that you are. The recruitment legislation that is being pushed by the ANA is going to force this. Your services will not be needed in the near future. New nurses will be coming in mass to work full time in those positions. Your services will not be needed to supplement staffing shortages because new nurses will fill those spots.......

    <<"Like it or not if this legislation is signed by the president, you will have to go back to regular staff or wait until the phone rings at the last minute, if at all. It may be a just a few years, but it will be a reality.
    <<"There might always be a need for per diem nurses. The question is just how much of a need and how many opportunities will you have to actually work?
    <<"today there are much more agency nurses than ever before. Right now there are a lot of open positions to choose from so there really is no open competitions. As these openings get filled there will be less and less. Either everyone will have to settle for less available hours and that equals less available pay or you will have to go back to regular staff to insure that pay is coming in.
    <<"If you are an agency, prn, or travel nurse and do not believe that the legislation the president will eventually sign will directly affect you, then I want some of the crack you are smoking.
    <<"I am an agency as well as a travel nurse. I have been away from regular staff nursing for over 3 years.
    wildtime88 >>

    So you agree then that the Nurse Reinvestment Act WILL work & WILL be successful in bringing in new students to the profession to replace us as we retire. Why not just admit that this is the real reason why you are so against any legislation to solve the nursing shortage - the SOLE reason - the legislations will actually be successful in helping to solve the shortage & subsequently will diminish the need for agency, temp and travel nurses.

    Youre making a ton of "arguments" for why we shouldnt have this much-needed legislation but its not really about who will be eligible for the grants or what we are doing now about workplace conditions, is it? You dont want it to pass because you might be forced to lower your demands when negotiating an assignment or may have to take a staff position instead because as you indicate, when the crisis is alleviated, agencies may not be so lucrative any longer.

    As someone who works agency/temp/travel, you want to keep the nursing shortage and this crisis going for the benefit of your own personal pocketbook but to do so, are fighting AGAINST efforts that would improve things for ALL nurses. So just admit the real reason for your jihad instead of blaming the legislation, the potential students, the supposed effect on our ability to correct the workplace now, and whatever else the ANA does.

    I thought it was very odd that a nurse would so vigilantly fight against efforts to provide a workforce for the future - Id expect that from employers who could then have an excuse to hire less expensive UAPs & save money, but I thought it unusal that a NURSE would fight so hard against making sure there are more US nurses coming into the profession to replace the retiring ones. Then it all became very clear with the rest of your posts above.

    Its not so surprising that as supplemental-staffing, you would try to prevent passage of nursing shortage solution bills - and would try to keep the nursing shortage going in order to maintain the availability of temp, agency, and travel supplemental staffing jobs.

    But the nursing crisis should not go on just so agency and travel nurses can have open positions to choose from. Its ludicrous, but thats the basis for your whole campaign against our efforts to help more nurses afford to go to nursing school, have nursing programs to go to, and have experienced nurses as educators to instruct them.

    If youre worried about what options temp nurses will have & what they will do when the shortage is lessened, why not be honest & talk about that instead of lashing out about everything else so negatively? Maybe some constructive suggestions and ideas might come out of the discussion.
  5. by   NRSKarenRN
    Please keep your discussions civil AND courteous. If name calling continues this thread will be closed.

    Title of thread is ANA membership, let the discussion reflect that please.
  6. by   canoehead
    I am also disappointed that the ANA has supported legislation to create new nurses when experienced nurses already exist but choose not to work in the current conditions. Seems to me that not concentrating on improving conditions will result in a poorer return on their money, and fewer experienced nurses actually working in direct patient care.
  7. by   wildtime88
    "I did not "refuse". I told you how to find them. I just did not do it for you. "

    What, this is not a refusal?


    YOU made some highly inflammatory statements directly to me and have proceeded to continue. YOU have continued to twist the truth in order to defame my personal character. This is a sick game when you have to stoop so low as to make up bold face lies.

    I am asking you to back up these specific statements and lies that you have made.

    YOU still have not done it. Instead you take one sentence here and there and post it with out the proper relationship to what I was saying.

    I can and I am sure everyone else can see just who and what they are dealing with. YOU are not credible in my eyes. I used to think you were but you have proved at least to me that you are someone that can not to be trusted. If you can not trust someone to tell the truth, then they just can not be trusted at all especially when they go around fabricating bold face lies about someone else.

    If you feel that this is one way that is a must in order to win support for the ANA or the union, then it is worse than I can even begin to comphrehend.

    If it was not for people like Jenny and Karen and others I would see the ANA and the Union as filled with people like you. It is a scarry thought that one day with your envolvment that you might achieve a place higher up in these organizations. You actually bring a lot of disrespect to them in the way you personally act. YOU are not a good representation or voice for them. If this is the message they are trying to send out to unify nurses then they are destine to be a minority by causing people to run in the opposite direction. In other words, your way or no way and if you do not agree, then we will just run you over and make up stuff to discredit you.

    Could this be a major reason people are not knocking on the doors in mass numbers to join? Could this be the reason the over whelming majority 92 to 93% of the nurses in the united states have refused to join and support the organization? Could it be that you and the way you deal with others who disagree is something that turns a vast amount of nurses off? You say the ANA has changed it's ways. So how come you seem in so many ways the exact things that nurses have come to know and expect. Although I hope that out right fabrication of lies is just representative of you. In the past, the ANA was known to just disregard what nurses had to say. It seems that this is the case here with you as well.
  8. by   NRSKarenRN
    Please drop the subject and everyone try to chill out and please remember, not to harass anyone. Everyone has a right to their own opinion.

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