Nursing and anxiety?

  1. Just to give a little background... I have a history of clinical depression, well-controlled for over a year with Celexa. However - when my husband and I first got married, I wanted to be a good Catholic girl and try natural family planning - the inevitable happened, and I had a TAB just before Christmas For the past few months, I've had moderate - severe anxiety attacks in the evenings, usually about the idea of EVER getting pregnant (not likely on Depo-Provera).... I realised today that I'm more worried about being one of the 0.3% failure rate than being among 1 in 3 women who will get cancer.

    I work three to eleven pm right now... and I had a bad attack today at about half past one. Usually I end up turning to alcohol just to calm myself down and get my heart rate out of the 130s... Today I called in to work, as there wasn't any way I'd go in, even having had just a little drink. I guess I just need advice and support, mainly about redirecting my thinking when it starts to fly off the handle. Today's problem was precipitated by an innocent remark.. my husband noted that if we move out of our apartment next year, it would likely be into a two-bedroom place. Not many one-bedrooms in my town. I think I was having the bizarre thought that God would see that we have an extra bedroom and cause my contraception to fail. I'm afraid, also, that it will fail through some form of divine retribution.

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  3. by   TerpGal02
    Anxiety is horrible, any way you slice it. I have GAD, and the attacks are just debilitating. Are you doing any talk therapy for this? It sounds like, especially in your circumstance, that talk therapy might be VERy beneficial to you in dealing with your anxiety. A good therapist will give you the tools for "turning the mind" as it were. You sound like a catastrophizer, much like me.
  4. by   moonrose2u
    have you tried prozac with xanax? the combo seems to work for alot of people.:heartbeat
  5. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from moonrose2u
    have you tried prozac with xanax? the combo seems to work for alot of people.:heartbeat
    as per terms of service we can not give medical advice
  6. by   Calbrunette
    I understand how you feel. I've recently started experiencing anxiety/panic attacks and I'm still trying to figure out what's going on. I'm pretty sure mine are triggered by health-related issues; meaning I have fears about my health and something happening to me. Not a great thing to have when you work in a hospital and are starting Nursing school shortly. I feel like my future is moments away from becoming derailed...

    The odd thing about my attacks is that they are random and have no triggering event...not when something upsets me or when I'm actively in a state of worry about myself. However I do think they come on more often when I'm tired.

    I have Ativan for when they hit (and it helps) but I'm going to seek out counseling. I'm not a doc but it seems to me yours are directly related to a particular event and I bet you would really benefit from counseling.

    Good luck and take care.
  7. by   DigitalSushi
    I am glad to know I will not be the only nurse out there with anxiety and depression. (And taking SSRI's)
    ~Student RN
  8. by   TopazLover
    Counseling really helps anxiety. It can teach you methods to deal with the attacks rather than drink. That can be a slippery slope for many. There are many meds that may help but since you have an idea of precipitating triggers a couple of sessions may make a huge difference in your life.

    Many great nurses have anxiety. Some channel it into working in either high or low stress areas, depending on how they deal with it. Best of luck. You do not have to suffer. There are alternatives out there.
  9. by   JezzysRN09
    I am a new grad and have suffered from GAD/Panic attacks and depression for years. When I started nursing school I became very sick with anxiety to the point that my physical health was quickly declining. For the first time I was provided the opportunity to combine Talk Therapy (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) with medication (prescribed by my doctor).

    My experience with therapy was life changing. I am by no means "cured" but I feel like a new person. I now have an arsenal of tools to cope with life and cope with anxiety.

    Also, I am not a religious person, but it sounds like a lot of your worry is related to the teachings of your religion. Maybe you could speak with a member of the clergy about your concerns? I know a lot of people find comfort in their religion. I have found that removing shame and embarrassment about anxiety is the quickest way to get help and support. Once I began telling classmates and coworkers about my issues I got such a positive response. I was amazed at how many people around me were going through or had gone through similar things.

    I wish you the best!