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  1. JezzysRN09

    I woke up during surgery, Have you?

    I know this is an old thread, but this just happened to me yesterday. I was put under sedation (not general anesthesia) for a lipoma removal off my back. I was told that I would be put under sedation and the surgeon would use local anesthetics to stop me from feeling pain. I remember getting the sedation, feeling very sleepy and closing my eyes. The next thing I know I can feel a knife in my back cutting repetitively. For some reason I was unable to speak (I was not on any paralyzing agents, so I'm not sure why I couldn't talk) but tried to flinch and began to cry. The surgeon heard me crying and I heard him say "Is she crying?" The anesthesiologist then looked at me and asked if I was in pain. I was able to nod my head yes and then I guess they gave me more sedation because the next thing I knew I was waking up in the PACU. I woke up in a terrible panic and began crying again. It was very scary and I'm still feeling upset about it. The nurse in the PACU flagged down the anesthesiologist to talk to me. He acted insulted that I wanted to ask what happened. I told him what I experienced and his response was just, "Well we were only using light sedation, you were never completely out." I understand that it was just sedation, but it would have been nice to hear "I'm sorry you had that experience." If I ever have surgery again I will make sure that Anesthesiologist comes nowhere near me!
  2. JezzysRN09

    Looking for the PERFECT ink pen ;)

    I was a pen freak long before I became a nurse. I am currently loving the Zebra Z-grip Max. Be careful though, it comes in regular ink and gel. The gel ones are terrible, but the regular ink ones are amazing. The cheaper version, the Z-grips are pretty great too.
  3. JezzysRN09

    Am I being snotty?

    Am I being snotty? I am a new grad and I have been working at my hospital for the past 10 weeks. Next week I will be finished with orientation. I am considering paying the $15 to have my ID badge redone to reflect my degree. Security put my First and Last name, RN on my badge. I didn't think anything of it until recently when some of my coworkers asked me about my degree. Since the comment I have noticed that the nurses with advanced degrees have it reflected on their badges. I don't believe that having a BSN makes me any better a nurse than someone with an RN, but at the same time I would like to be recognized for all the hard work I did to earn my degree. Any feedback?
  4. JezzysRN09

    On a positive note.......

    Yay! I'm glad to hear other people are enjoying their new jobs too! I just finished my first week on a Med Surg floor and I love it! I mean, its really hard. REALLY HARD! But I love it! My preceptor is great, my fellow new grads are great and 99% of the experienced nurses and other staff on the floor are so supportive! Yesterday I had an amazing day working with a nurse with over 30 years of experience....she was AMAZING! Our patient's H&H tanked and she walked me through the blood transfusion! The whole day was a huge confidence booster. I know this is just the beginning and it will get MUCH harder before it gets easier, but I'm excited for the challenge! Thanks for the good vibes guys! And whenever you have a bad day....try to keep one of the good ones in mind. The good days are worth so much more!
  5. JezzysRN09

    Board of Nursing NCLEX application process

    If you are going to be working in a Compact State, you should take the NCLEX in the state that you will declare your primary residency and you will be able to work in any compact state. For the example above: Live in MD, school in VA and work in D.C. it is your choice. You can become licensed in MD and pay to be licensed by endorsement in D.C., but this costs a lot of money. If you definitely plan on working in D.C. I would just go ahead and register through D.C. Once you have a license in one state it is not difficult to get a license by endorsement somewhere else.
  6. JezzysRN09

    Board of Nursing NCLEX application process

    I began the process July 31, 2009 and did not get to sit for the NCLEX until the second week in October. The BON did not respond to my requests for an application (they only accept paper applications). I would suggest driving to their office in Baltimore and picking one up in person. Then after I submitted everything the BON office did not staple the two parts of my application together and apparently that caused another 3 week delay in the process. Be ready to make a zillion phone calls and emails. Almost all my emails went unanswered and most of the Board Members voicemail boxes were full and would not allow me to leave a message. I hope that my experience was an exception and not the rule. Good luck.
  7. JezzysRN09

    Nursing and anxiety?

    I am a new grad and have suffered from GAD/Panic attacks and depression for years. When I started nursing school I became very sick with anxiety to the point that my physical health was quickly declining. For the first time I was provided the opportunity to combine Talk Therapy (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) with medication (prescribed by my doctor). My experience with therapy was life changing. I am by no means "cured" but I feel like a new person. I now have an arsenal of tools to cope with life and cope with anxiety. Also, I am not a religious person, but it sounds like a lot of your worry is related to the teachings of your religion. Maybe you could speak with a member of the clergy about your concerns? I know a lot of people find comfort in their religion. I have found that removing shame and embarrassment about anxiety is the quickest way to get help and support. Once I began telling classmates and coworkers about my issues I got such a positive response. I was amazed at how many people around me were going through or had gone through similar things. I wish you the best!
  8. JezzysRN09

    Can I go by a nickname as a nurse?

    I am a new grad and will be starting orientation next week for a job as staff nurse on a Telemetry unit. My legal first name is Elizabeth, but I have ALWAYS gone by Liza. Does anyone know the rules/protocols for using such a nickname on a security badge or while signing charts? If I start by using Liza Last Name, can I just continue to sign that way as long as I am consistent? My license is in my legal full name. Thanks for any information you have. Liza? Elizabeth?