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What are the best side hustles for nurses? Feel free to provide examples of what you do. Thanks.

I don't have any side hustles personally but flu clinics are a big one and many agencies are starting to hire now for a September start date.

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I flip houses and am starting to hold and rent soon.

Other than that, I am trying to delve into freelance nurse writing, but it's been tough.

An acquaintance used to teach CPR for the Red Cross.

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Clinical instructor for one clinical each semester. I don't get paid a lot but it's fairly easy and I'm hopefully helping to grow and support nurses-to-be one day.

I'm also going to look into teaching a NCLEX prep classe. I think they pay well and the gig lasts about a week so I could just request vacation least I think this is how it would go down anyways...anybody else done this one yet?

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I teach 1 course per semester at a local university. The money is not great, but it's not terrible. And since I teach online, the hours are VERY flexible and I can do it in my jammies at night from home.

Side hustles for nurses are very rare because usually need to work under a physician. But if you can get a physician to partner with then the possibilities are endless. Some ideas could be

-allergy testing for seasonal and food


- providing flu vaccines during flu season

- starting a company that starts IV fluids for people that had a long night of drinking. There's a few companies like this in nyc and Vegas. That basically come to your party location in a van and start the party goers on IV fluids to help rehydrate and prevent from a massive hang over.

-Botox injections

- You can start a healthcare employment agency that helps find healthcare workers jobs and then you take a small percent from each pay check.

- cpr courses to large corporations

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