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Davidaugustyn has 9 years experience and specializes in WCC.

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  1. Davidaugustyn

    Nurses Side Hustles

    I flip houses and am starting to hold and rent soon. Other than that, I am trying to delve into freelance nurse writing, but it's been tough.
  2. Davidaugustyn

    Is there a need for this?

    Hey Overtonis! If there are others like me, there have got to be a lot looking for a way out. I have been flipping houses on the side to get out. I'm looking now into nurse writing to get out of the hourly grind. There will always be a need for dire...
  3. Davidaugustyn

    Online Consulting Business?

    I started a wound consultation business from home and saw a few clients before giving it up. The biggest things that slowed me down was that it was a lot of work for the same amount of money as a an hourly job. I learned a lot from building the websi...
  4. Davidaugustyn


    I lost that in formulary also. I use Biatain Foam. May also cleanse with a hibicleanse if you like, to me if it gets to that point I usually use a different treatment anyway.
  5. Davidaugustyn

    Sacral fistula

    Fistulas are the hardest things to deal with. I shutter when I hear of a new admit coming with a fistula...I wish I could give you better advice...Supplies are drained to quickly with them...
  6. Davidaugustyn

    Rehauling the wound care team

    Hello everyone and thank you for having me here. I have enjoyed this forum. First a little background... I have worked in long term care for 10 years, wound care certified for 4. Last year I started working in an LTAC with a wound care team and then ...