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  1. CityofAngelsRN

    Hospital Staff Drops Newborn

    A new father was filming in the hospital delivery room after the birth of his twin girls and he catches the doctor dropping one of the girls on a table. I recently watched a video I found on Facebook of a newborn baby being dropped on a table right after delivery. A young father had apparently been given permission to film in the operating room after the birth of his preemie twin girls. In the video you can see one of the baby girls being dropped onto a table right after birth with no acknowledgement of the fall from the doctor or nurses that were present. Once the baby was home, the parents took her to an outside pediatrician who looked over her paperwork and noticed an ultrasound was done that showed a grade one brain hemorrhage. An OBGYN doctor not affiliated with this case has stated that this type of hemorrhage could have happened with or without the fall. I found the comments online to be very interesting, many people of course supporting the family, but also many supporting the doctor and nurses. I would love to get opinions from the nursing community (especially L&D nurses) on how you all think this was handled. Here is a link to the video. http://fox2now.com/2019/05/03/shocking-parents-share-video-of-medical-staff-dropping-newborn-baby-on-table-demand-apology/
  2. I came across a story about a year ago that I haven't been able to forget about. The story is about a middle aged woman from Los Angeles who suffers from early onset Alzheimer's and disappeared from her family in 2016. The most plausible theory is that she is under an alias in a Los Angeles healthcare facility. If you are from the LA area please read the following details. Nancy Paulikas, 56 years old, is a Manhattan Beach resident, a former UCLA grad, software engineer, and wife to Kirk Moody. She developed early onset Alzheimer's and by the age of 56, it had progressed pretty rapidly. She was often not able to remember her own name and needed help with most ADL's. On October 15, 2016, Nancy went with her parents and husband to LACMA, a museum in central Los Angeles. After wrapping up their day, Nancy went to the restroom as did her husband, but unfortunately that was the last time she was ever seen. A security camera captures her wandering out of the museum and down the street by herself. She had no ID, no money, and no wallet. Due to her inability to care for herself it is unlikely she would be able to live on the streets and most likely was brought to a nearby hospital. There have been no reports of Jane Does matching her description reported by the Los Angeles Coroners office. There are no Jane Does matching her description reported to Medical. The most plausible theory at this point is that Nancy is under an alias at a local Los Angeles facility. Her husband Kirk Moody has been working desperately since 2016 to reach out to every facility in Los Angeles County but as you know this is a daunting task. I am posting this in hopes that Los Angeles area nurses will take a look at her pictures and check their facilities for Nancy, who is most likely under a different name for payment purposes. I am including a link that includes numerous pictures and updates to the case. Please take a look and keep an eye out for Nancy! She vanished 18 months ago with no leads. Now, a volunteer cop has a troubling theory about what happened to her
  3. CityofAngelsRN

    AZ New Grad RN

    Lol, for some stupid reason I thought the OP wrote that which changes a lot!! Haha, my apologies. Being a travel nurse would be a TERRIBLE idea, couldn't agree more. A new grad probably wouldn't survive their first day as the staff expect you to know what you're doing and not be asking questions 24/7 like a new grad does (and should do).
  4. CityofAngelsRN

    AZ New Grad RN

    What city are you in? Are you close to Phoenix? Can you relocate for a year? My advice is to join the Facebook group New Grad RNs Arizona, you can connect with so many other new grads in your state and they are often posting new grad residencies.
  5. CityofAngelsRN

    Newish grad unable to get a job

    I was a new grad in 2014 in CA and I know it's different than it is today, but it was extremely hard to get a job as a new grad back then. I joined a Facebook group for new grads in my state which essentially helped land me my first job. Find a list or make one yourself of all the new grad application deadlines in your area. In my experience, it is very hard to get hired with no RN experience unless it's an actual dedicated new grad program. Look for career fairs as well. It's much easier to get hired when you're face to face with a recruiter or manager. You can also call recruiters and ask them if they have new grad programs. Follow local hospitals on Facebook if you can. They often post career opportunities.
  6. CityofAngelsRN

    The "Any Nursing School at This Point" Question?

    Check out National University
  7. CityofAngelsRN

    Nurses Side Hustles

    I don't have any side hustles personally but flu clinics are a big one and many agencies are starting to hire now for a September start date.
  8. CityofAngelsRN

    Too ugly to be a nurse..?!?

    Nope, you would be a perfect fit in Hollywood. I lived in Hollywood for 10 years and worked in a few hospitals in LA, trust me, like I said...you would fit right in!
  9. CityofAngelsRN

    I was fired as a CNA

    No, I don't think it will be hard for you to get a job. I think you'll be just fine. It seems kind of crazy that they fired you when this was the first disciplinary action. I really wouldn't stress too much over it. Enjoy your summer before school starts. Your background as a cna will help you so much!
  10. CityofAngelsRN

    Failed four times Florida

    It's been awhile since I've taken the NCLEX but I would suggest studying content just as much as you go over questions. Other than lab values, try not to memorize but actually comprehend what you're reading. For example, I used the Saunders book and went over each body system. I would play everything out in my head, imagining it, googling videos on that body system. Then I would go over the diseases for each system and especially for those red triangles in Saunders, I would google a case of the disease so that I would remember. Just random news articles about a patient with Graves' disease would help me remember the important need to know info because now I actually have a story and face. As for questions, that whole assessment vs intervention thing that Kaplan focuses on helped me a lot. It usually comes down to not being sure between two answers so with the information provided, do you assess more or intervene. If you've already assessed most likely the answer will be an intervention right? Also, keep in mind that the nclex is testing you on patient safety to when you get a question that you know nothing about, pick the answer that keeps the patient safe. Also, when testing, don't go too fast but also don't go too slow either. Once you've settled on your answer, move on. When looking at questions on Kaplan I would go back and look at my trends. When did I start missing more questions? For me it was around 24-25 questions so during the test that's when I took a small break, walked around, ate a small snack, and then continued. I hope some of this helps, and don't give up!
  11. CityofAngelsRN

    I was fired as a CNA

    When management asked you what time you took care of the patient, you stated that "you didn't remember and that you guessed a time." IMO, that is the biggest problem here and probably the only problem. You can't guess, big no no. I think most of us back chart but it's crucial you back chart to the correct time and never in a million years should you chart something you haven't done yet, even if you're extremely busy. I don't really know but my guess would be that this shouldn't affect you starting your program but you will have to answer that question on job apps in the future that ask about past terminations. My advice would be to recognize where you went wrong and why it's such a big deal. Learn from your mistake and move forward.
  12. CityofAngelsRN

    falling asleep during nightshift

    I'm not usually this black or white on issues but I'm going to go ahead and say you're not taking your job seriously enough if you fall asleep on the clock. Maybe it's because I'm an RN and feel 100% responsible for my patients lives, but my body wouldn't fall asleep if I tried knowing that I have 4-5 patients that could literally die if I do so. I take it you're a CNA so perhaps you don't feel that pressure? Either way, if you care about your patients and your job, find a day shift position or figure out how to sleep during the day so that you can get through those shifts. I worked nights for a year and switched to days because I hated my life on nights. Do what you need to do. ***most of the CNAs I work with feel that pressure to keep our patients safe so I hope that sentence doesn't come off the wrong way. I couldn't do my job without them. Sounds like you lack it though.
  13. CityofAngelsRN

    Too ugly to be a nurse..?!?

    I really hope you apply to the programs. Nurses are all different shapes and sizes and come from various backgrounds and cultures. We are a giant mixing pot and it sounds like you'll fit right in. If you're smart then we need you and believe me, the majority of people won't judge you on your looks. Make the smart decision and apply to the program!!
  14. CityofAngelsRN

    Eating the patients' food?

    I used to work on a VIP floor in Los Angeles where patients had to pay over $800 a night to stay there. They had down comforters, Keurigs, satin sheets, a personal fridge, newspaper hand delivered daily, a concierge on staff during the day to arrange massages, manicures, and BEST of all, gourmet food!! Delivered on a silver platter came salmon from the Santa Monica Fish House, filet mignon from the Chart House, and even sushi. Of course a lot of these patients would be npo at times or they wouldn't want what was ordered because they had better so they would often give it to the nurses and cnas. I know it's not the same as taking food from the fridge but I had to share. Sadly, I've had the best food of my life on my unit.
  15. CityofAngelsRN

    Los Gatos ER Physician in the News

    The thread is about the situation.
  16. CityofAngelsRN

    ED Nurse with Deteriorating Health

    I think Nurse Beth's suggestion of finding something that will allow you to work from home in the near future is very smart. Case management at your current hospital would be a good option to get that experience needed for at home case management jobs. Also, companies like Aetna and Cigna (and I believe Kaiser) hire telephone triage nurses. Your background in ER would definitely qualify you! I am attaching a link that lists some great opportunities for nurses who want to work from home. I hope this helps! https://wahadventures.com/7-places-hire-rn-nurses-work-home-3/

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