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  1. Leaving bedside as a new nurse, is it a good idea?

    My one regret was not leaving bedside sooner. My mental health has suffered. I just recently left the bedside and am never looking back. My advice is take this new job!
  2. I wouldn’t give them my records, especially since it doesn’t guarantee you keeping your job. If you quit, you can at least apply there again down the road when you’re in a better spot. Virtual hugs to you. You got this.
  3. Atascadero State Hospital Physical Ability Test

    Thank you so much for the reply! Apparently they don’t do them anymore. LOL, I was picturing myself running a mile and doing a million pushups so I was scared!!
  4. So I just got hired at Atascadero State Hospital but the email I received states I "might" have to take a physical ability test? LOL, this is making me nervous. Does anyone know if this is true and if so, how hard is it? Do I have to pushups, run on ...
  5. Hospital Staff Drops Newborn

    A new father was filming in the hospital delivery room after the birth of his twin girls and he catches the doctor dropping one of the girls on a table. I recently watched a video I found on Facebook of a newborn baby being dropped on a table right ...
  6. Department of corrections- Nevada

    Hi everyone! I know this thread is really old but I was just wondering if you could describe some of the tasks you guys do during the day as a correctional nurse in Nevada. I'm highly considering applying but I'd love to get more info. Thanks so much...
  7. Removed from Nurse Residency Program-Should I Try Psych?

    I graduated valedictorian yet had never drawn blood or started an IV. I didn't even know how to hang a piggyback lol. Thankfully my new grad program gave us 10 weeks with a preceptor so I was able to develop some skills. The only way a new grad learn...
  8. I came across a story about a year ago that I haven't been able to forget about. The story is about a middle aged woman from Los Angeles who suffers from early onset Alzheimer's and disappeared from her family in 2016. The most plausible theory is th...
  9. AZ New Grad RN

    Lol, for some stupid reason I thought the OP wrote that which changes a lot!! Haha, my apologies. Being a travel nurse would be a TERRIBLE idea, couldn't agree more. A new grad probably wouldn't survive their first day as the staff expect you to know...
  10. AZ New Grad RN

    What city are you in? Are you close to Phoenix? Can you relocate for a year? My advice is to join the Facebook group New Grad RNs Arizona, you can connect with so many other new grads in your state and they are often posting new grad residencies.
  11. Newish grad unable to get a job

    I was a new grad in 2014 in CA and I know it's different than it is today, but it was extremely hard to get a job as a new grad back then. I joined a Facebook group for new grads in my state which essentially helped land me my first job. Find a list ...
  12. The "Any Nursing School at This Point" Question?

    Check out National University
  13. Nurses Side Hustles

    I don't have any side hustles personally but flu clinics are a big one and many agencies are starting to hire now for a September start date.
  14. Too ugly to be a nurse..?!?

    Nope, you would be a perfect fit in Hollywood. I lived in Hollywood for 10 years and worked in a few hospitals in LA, trust me, like I would fit right in!
  15. I was fired as a CNA

    No, I don't think it will be hard for you to get a job. I think you'll be just fine. It seems kind of crazy that they fired you when this was the first disciplinary action. I really wouldn't stress too much over it. Enjoy your summer before school st...