Why I pursued nursing and my love for needles!

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    This article will tell you my reasons why I choose nursing as a field. It will tell you a little bit of history upon my life, and my love for needles. It may express a bit of humor, and at the same time interest. Hope you enjoy this article. This is my first submission.

    I could say I pursued nursing because I wanted to follow the footsteps of my mother who is RN, but that is the usual every other day story you normally hear. This was one of the reasons why I decided to become a nurse, however, one of my other reasons of pursing to become a part of the nursing career is the most unusual, it was my strange fascination with needles.

    Yes, needles!

    Needles, the one thing most people cannot stand the sight of. To dreadful visits of receiving vaccines for their own child. Well, I defiantly was one of those 5-yead-kids who cried at the doctor's office, but as I grown older and started girl scouts at the age of 11. I was introduced to the world of crafty.

    This is where I learned the basics of hand sewing and that is how it began. I was fascinated by the cute little accessories I can make by using simply a needle and thread. The needle was the one that awed me more then the thread. It was at that point I really began to realize how much the needle has done for our society. It has given us clothes to wear, to protect us from cold winters, or to hats to protect us from sun. To giving us flu shots each year, and helping people with diabetes control their sugar.

    I was only eleven years old at this time, and still unaware nursing would later become my passion. Years had gone by and I had grown older, and soon going to enter college. Still unaware of what I like to pursue become, and my fascination with needles had faded away and been forgotten.

    At that time, I thought maybe becoming a school teacher may be nice, but I sure did not want to spend the rest of my life in a classroom. Then I thought about my mother, who had great stable job for so long, and gave her more that enough hours than she can handle.

    "Hmm, nursing?"

    I thought, "Well, I defiantly want to help people, and have job security. Yes, this would seem fit for me."

    It was at that point I decided on nursing, and went on to pursue my LVN, since I felt it be best to take it step by step with this new interest. It was not until the day our teacher taught us how to give shots when my fascination with needles began again, it was soon after that I started looking forward to days in clinics and got to help with simple insulin shots even excited me.

    It just amazed me of how much the needle has helped the human body stay alive, even on just merely TPN. Something so small, yet rather painful device has done so much good for our society. It was at this point I knew the number one reason I wanted to become a nurse, it was my love for needles, and how I wanted to learn how to use it properly to help people with their health conditions.
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  3. by   bmint07
    I have the same feeling toward needles! Do you know if there is any specialty in nursing that focuses on using needles?
  4. by   LightMyFire
    Health department nurses I'm sure give lots of vaccinations, as do peds nurses, especially in the doctor's office!
  5. by   iluvivt
    Sure! IV nurses albeit it is a catheter over needle. I use needles for IV insertions, blood draws, accessing the vein for PICC insertion, skin tests plus drawing up medications to name a few.Needles have given me a way to earn a living all the while helping others when they really need it.
  6. by   liebling5
    Operating Room nursing! Needles, staples, scalpels - all sorts of "body piercing" devices