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  1. by   Hoyt3
    I will be starting my nursing school in January taking the courses before going into the actual nursing program I come to all nurses to get insight on the career and helpful hints I planned on when graduating to work at the nursing home near me I have been a C.N.A for fifteen years and now I want to do more with nursing so I can give my residents more care have more say.
  2. by   tamaray
    I am here to learn more about the issues that nurses encounter in the healthcare environment in terms of the technology they use at their hospital, practice, or medical office... including computers, EHR/EMR, practice management, workstations, phones, security cameras, etc. Theoretically, technology is supposed to help nurses save time and improve patient care and outcomes. But in reality, sometimes it creates more issues than it solves. I want to know these issues so my start up company, Altriance Health, can try to find solutions to solve them.
  3. by   brandy1017
    What I find most often is all the things that bother me, the stupid computer, the latest gimmicks like hourly rounding and bedside report, are happening across the country. The hospitals are like parrots and just all play follow the leader with all the latest gimmicks! The latest is lets mandate the flu vaccine!
  4. by   CharlotteAzbell
    I just joined. I saw an article about day shift vs. night shift and wanted to read it. I liked what i saw. I like to see what other nurses are saying. Always looking for new ideas and I wanted see what others were saying.
  5. by   gemP11
    I first joined AllNurses.com because I heard it was a great networking tool, especially for a student nurse (which I was when I joined). Then I discovered all of the new grad threads and the tremendous amount of information and support to be found there. Now, as a new grad still seeking work, I check in on the new grad threads as well as exploring other discussions on various topics. I try to lend support in the form of replies with info or my 2 cents.

    I think allnurses.com is such a great social media/networking tool for nurses. It is such a small world of nursing and allnurses.com links all of us across the nation!
  6. by   nursefrances
    I enjoy the breakroom.

    I also like to give encouragement and mentor students and new grads. Yep, I love it here.
  7. by   smily11
    Because it feels like home
  8. by   Folkeye
    I just joined, after much lurking. I used to want to be a nurse as a kid (just like mom) then when I was in high school I nearly passed out after my first TB test. Didn't hurt, that needle and my brain disagreed, so I decided 'HECK NO!!!' Fast foward 15 years and it has my interest yet again. This last year I've shadowed my mom around twice. Nothing hectic or scary thankfully (might have scared myself off again) but a good sample of how the job works and sort of the 'average' day and its possibilities. I remained on my feet with watching IVs start, watching a patient get a few stitches but felt that little unease when she was transferring blood to the various testing tubes. I'm sure that's something I can work on. Either way, each and every case held my interest in learning about people and how to go about 'fixing' the problem. Just a giant puzzle with a solid team to put he piece back together. I like that

    So each time I looked up something online about nursing or schools or that TEAS thing.... always found myself here reading what people have to say! I'm learning some good things, so joining was natural (finally).
  9. by   cinlou
    I honestly don't know why it took me so long to join. I returned to school a few years ago to complete my BSN, when I finished I thought I am getting way to old to stay at the bedside much longer and I knew I needed a higher degree for a broader range of options> I decided to complete my Masters with a focus on Nursing Education. When ever I was looking for something, Allnurses would always pop up and I would take a look at the note and keep on going. When I became the Director of a Practical nurse program I was looking for information on LPN students and I was hooked. I decided to go into academia because it was time for me to give back something I have spent many years learning, and I found that I was learning again. I have been able to read student posts and have a better understanding of the needs of todays students and I have utilized this information with my faculty and students. For me, this is another avenue for me to share my experiences and hopefully help others succeed in their choices.
  10. by   Marsha238612
    As a nursing student I like to read others input on the nursing profession. I've read very helpful posts by some of the experienced nurses from this website.
  11. by   Lizzly
    I signed up to interact with other nurses, to learn from nurses, to find entertainment, and to rant about my job. After study-time and on off days, I also come to allnurse to read recent post about nursing to stay updated about the nursing world.
  12. by   Muser69
    Misery loves company
  13. by   Junebug903
    I am out of the nursing game temporarily right now until the beginning of 2015. My husband and I are stationed in Japan. The 3 years is almost up! I like reading about other nursing happenings and interesting drama. I've been reading about RN programs and NCLEX exam experiences. I am far off from that, but good to see how things are right now. I took my NCLEX-PN in 2006! I can't wait to get back in to nursing, making good money, taking care of people, and going back to school to get my RN