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There are many nursing scrub brands. Many colors ... many designs ... costs vary. What is your favorite design? What is your favorite brand? If you could, would you change the design of your... Read More

  1. by   wannabecnl
    Not a brand, just a rant. WHY don't hospital-issue surgical scrubs have the nice side-leg pocket that we had in our student Cherokee scrubs??? I could wear my own in PACU, but it's more convenient and cost-effective (and ostensibly more sanitary) to wear the surgical scrubs. Thus I have to keep my Kelly clamps, scissors, and calipers in my back pocket under the hem of the top and fish around in there to reach them (not to mention practically dropping them into the toilet on numerous occasions). Wah, wah, wah...
  2. by   kayak007
    Love Dickies Youtility tops and pants! Anything with pockets, pockets, and more pockets!
  3. by   prmenrs
    I liked Cherokee, Tafford, and Landau. I like a pastel print w/coordinating pants. I worked in NICU and didn't like really splashy loud patterns--too overstimulating for the babies, imo. I also had assorted holiday print tops--made for a little variety.

    The 1st time I retired, I had ~ 30 tops, 15 pants. I got rid of most of them, went back to work and acquired 20 more tops and pants. The 2nd time I retired, I got rid of ALL of them!!!

    One nurse I know made a quilt out of hers when she retired. I thought that was a great idea.
  4. by   becky347
    The favorite on my unit tends to be Grey's Anatomy mock wraps as well - they are super comfortable and never need ironing!
  5. by   dougjiro
    I really appreciate 5.11 brand. They are sold to police but work great as scrub bottoms because 1) Teflon coated 2) tons of pockets - special cell phone pocket 3) belt loops so my pants don't end up around my ankles at shift end. You can find them on eBay new/used
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  6. by   SD1911Fan
    Aviator Scrubs are my favorite hands down. I have worn Koi for Men and they are ok, but the Aviator's are purpose built for Trauma. The tops have pen pockets on the Left Sleeve and the pants can store half the supply room in them. I am never at a shortage for an IV start kit or 10ml flushes or what have you.

  7. by   theantichick
    Aviators are my favorite... though I've never figured out what the heck to do with the ankle pockets - I'll specify to leave them off with my next order.

    I also very much like the Cherokee Flexible tops, just wish they had all the pockets of my Aviators.

    Had to wear white top/teal pant for school, now have to wear solid royal blue so I can't pick patterns/colors but that's ok.