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dougjiro has 9 years experience as a CNA, LPN, RN and specializes in Hyperbaric.

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  1. Hello fellow Nurses I'm a clinic nurse looking for an opportunity to volunteer in either Ukraine or Poland. Does anyone have experience with 1) International Medical Relief 2) Team Rubicon 3) RN association or Ontario or any other aid organizati...
  2. Yikes ! BreEZe is being replaced!

    I just visited the California BRN to look at my RN license and this message showed up: ALERT On March 10, 2022, license verification requests previously completed by the California Board of Registered Nursing (BRN) will be completed by Nursys®. ...
  3. How do you guys do it for so long?

    I prefer clinical nursing to bedside because you get to interact much more with patients. Have you considered being a cosmetic or hyperbaric nurse? I started in the medical device field, than became a nurse. I provided technical support for capnograp...
  4. I am working at an isolation and quarantine hotel caring for Covid positive and asymptomatic close contact patients. I started working at the last peak of cases back in December. The work environment was a little overwhelming but a great learning exp...
  5. Started as a CNA at 48. I finished my LVN at age 51 than got into a bridge program and finished my ADN at 54. The best thing that has happened to me professionally, was to become a nurse.
  6. Transcutaneous Oxygen Measurement (TCOM) skills check off

    Hello NRSKarenRN Thank you for your suggestion. Regards, Doug
  7. Hello Fellow Nurses I am going for my Hyperbaric certification which requires a skills check off on a TCOM monitor. TCOM monitors are usually located in wound care clinics. Could you please let me know if you have one that I can be checked out o...
  8. Depression. Despair. Suicide.

    Michael Phelps is my hero for speaking about his challenges and becoming a spokesperson for mental health. Twenty three gold medals and while battling mental health. His documentary “The Weight of Gold” gives perspective to nursing.
  9. New nursing student, FCC Spring 2013

    I just got accepted into the LVN to RN bridge program at FCC. Anyone else in the program?
  10. I really appreciate 5.11 brand. They are sold to police but work great as scrub bottoms because 1) Teflon coated 2) tons of pockets - special cell phone pocket 3) belt loops so my pants don't end up around my ankles at shift end. You can find them on...
  11. Sitters/CNAs: Thank You For "Doing Nothing"

    Thank you for reminding me I'm part of a team. Yes, combative patients can be loads of fun
  12. For Those Considering A Career In Nursing

    198lbs/2.2=90kg*2.5mg/kg=225mg BID=112.5kg/dose
  13. unitek college

    If you are interested in Unitek you should review the Yelp comments.