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  1. by   MedChica
    Quote from Aquarius85
    you could at least have told him that you are not interested. I know that, when I find a woman interested, ill do anything to find her. I will ask my friends, try to find her online etc. Havnt you ever been interested in a guy where you have done everything to find him? The worst thing that can happen is that you would get a rejection. No big deal, but at least you gave it a try.

    I dont know how many times I have got a good connection with girls and then forgot to ask them for their phone numbers.
    A man giving me his number...THEN getting his friends to find me online (months down the line, like, I'm still on your brain) and befriending me on facebook is stalkerish, weird and creepy.
    "I will ask my friends to find her online, etc..."
    'Etc...'? What's 'etc....'?
    Do you look her up in the phone and do drivebys at the home of the sought after girl?

    "Oh, it's just harmless fun. I was interested....'

    Look beyond your self.
    Look at the world in which we live.
    Can you not see why this girl's red flag signals went up and she went block crazy?
    It's not really safe or wise for a women to entertain men who 'court' them in such a fashion.
    God forbid something happen to her and the beginnings of the union come out...everyone and their mama would be blaming her, the victim, for being the victim. Calling her stupid for dealing with a man who'd sought her out for months long after she neglected to call him back.

    I've taken numbers from overly persistent types...just to get them the hell away from me.
    ...because I don't want any problems.
    ...because it's easier than playing 20 Questions with some.

    I swear, some of you males need to die and be reincarnated as cute or pretty females.
    Then you'd 'get it'... and then you'd understand.
  2. by   SuzieeQ
    At a LTCF, had a resident with Dementia, always asked if I would marry him lol. I remember giving him his meds in the dining room and him saying "They forgot to give me a spoon today, can you get me one? Hey, we could spoon!" I cracked up, but only because he was totally harmless.
  3. by   Lynx25
    I have a little old man on hospice who subscribes to several magazines.

    Every time he finds a picture of Angelina Jolie, he cuts it out and saves it for me, and then states that "The photographers DON'T know what they are doing, they need to stop using those cheap cameras, you look MUCH more beautiful in person!"

    Talk about a serious ego-boost, hahaha I love him to death.
  4. by   maelstrom143 older patients are sweet about it and humorous, so it comes across as non-threatening and nice (at least to me) and I always joke w/them that my hubby would view askance my bringing home any more pets ;]
    The younger men are the ones that usually creep me out. One patient's son kept following me into other patients' rooms (had to repeatedly cite HIPAA before he was dissuaded) then called me 30min after he left to tell me how gorgeous I was but that I was too uptight and needed...well, you get the picture? Another took the question "Where is your pain located?" as an invitation to wrap his arm around my waist and pull me up close Needless to say, I unwrapped his arm from around myself and proceeded to let him know I was perfectly capable of understanding his words and to please not touch me again. I did not enter that room alone again and was most relieved when a bed became available and I was able to send him to the floor
    Sometimes I wonder what is wrong with people...
  5. by   pnite
    Im only here because I was actually searching 'How to hit on your nurse' ... shes so cute, but i dont want to be 'that guy'
  6. by   Wanttonotexist
    Speaking of sleeping meds I remember when I had surgery I said everything on my mind. I guess whatever they injected acted like truth suyrum. I told all the nurses including male every girl I had a crush on and all my future plans like going into the military and become a doctor. My brother was there and he had an awesome time listening to all my bs. He straight up told me how akward I was and luaghed. I was 14. That was 5 years ago.
  7. by   Wanttonotexist
    Quote from MedChica
    Old men are a mess.
    This one little old gentlemen with one foot in the grave (80's) that I was helping to the bed on the floor wanted to give me a hug. So I hugged him and thought, "Aw...he's so sweet."
    We got him on the bed and he wouldn't let go from the transfer.
    I said, "Mr Richards...?"
    He said, "Come here and get in bed with me, honey..."
    I looked to the other aide, who just shook her head.
    This man died 2 weeks ago...and he was still trying to get booty.

    Another seriously thought that I was going to run away with him. "Honey' this and 'honey' that.

    Had another who played with himself will I changed his bed. I didnt' even notice until I looked up wondering why his breatihng was so heavy. I grabbed my things and hauled ass out of there.

    Of course, there's that little old lesbian who thinks I'm 'the bees knees'....
    "You're so pretty...I just want to eat you up."
    I bet you do, lady.
    I bet you do.

    I could go on and on and on...and let me tell you: they're not all psych.

    I think, when you reach a certain age, you just say 'the hell with it' and do what you want.
    That's why old people in general speak without a filter. That's why old men tend to be so freaky. LOL
    Had that gentleman been my age, I would've called the police on him. But he's old.
    So, it's kind of like, "Awe...he's so cute and perv-y."

    I don't work with young pts and I'm somewhat curious as to what those experiences will be like.
    My experiences in long-term care have been interesting. Horny geri's everywhere.
    That depends how young the patient is. Kids tend to get allot of strange injuries. Like that one time I tried to put a beaver into my backpack to show my nephew and niece so they can have fun. The beaver shredded my middle finger and got away. I was 14 years old. Or that one time 200 people cheered for me to jump a 2 story building as a stunt in Portland Downtown. When I arrived at the ER the nurses thought I tried to harm myself. I had to explain to them what parkour meant. Its when you get from point a to point b as fast as possible. In reality your really just delusional. =D
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  8. by   foxinwoods
    Depends on the situation.
  9. by   Nursetom1963
    You should have brought him some surgilube and a glove, and just dropped them on the bed with a smile