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We thought once we were out of school we'd be done with drama queens....and kings. But no... We still have to deal with the silly daily dramas at work. What are some of your best drama queen/king... Read More

  1. by   Godisgood77
    I left nursing school because of all the drama. In the morning class this girl made claims I talked behind this other girl. And a fight broke out and everyone blamed me, I even got sent to the directors office because of it. At night this professor made up things about me and said I called her a ***** behind her back.. I was like what?? I'm quiet always keeping to myself and barely talk to people besides saying hi or bye. This other professor blamed me because all the other students kicked her out of the class?? I tried to apologies though I did nothing and she treated me like crap. As if it was my foult, my crime in her eyes whispering something to myself when it all went down, like what the fudge. I just couldn't take it so I quit the school. I don't know what todo. Is nursing for me?? God help me.
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  2. by   Amy01
    You just got another award
  3. by   flowerpowerntx
    Never complain about your co-worker unless you saw with your own eyeballs a patient safety issue. Otherwise, leave it alone. Complaining only puts you at the top of the "expendable" list. Nothing creates a more toxic unit culture than tattletales.
  4. by   wondern
    Except for bullies, that is. They can actually be quite dangerous. Report them immediately!

    When Your Coworkers Challenge You More than Your Patients
  5. by   nursesunny
    Quote from xoemmylouox
    My worst drama experience was actually in Nursing School. The two women argued every day; yelling, screaming, disrupting class, etc. That is until they ran into each other at a local dollar store and beat the living snot out of each other. They were finally removed from the program. School got a lot better after that.
    classy...guess all nursing schools are a little rough around the edges, at my nursing school a student was featured on the show Cheaters.
  6. by   Lady_Leijing
    I worked on a unit where there were a lot of tattle-tells and a couple of bullies. If you didn't do things the way they did, they would find some reason to write the manager about you; I made the mistake of following best practice instead of unit tradition. The worst thing was that the manager believed them over me and never gave me a chance to defend myself when I was called on the carpet. She would make excuses for why they said or did the things they did--even though at least one of them blatantly lied about me and another nurse! So glad I left that unit.
  7. by   onthego782
    I have worked construction and general business world office environment prior to nursing. Nursing has more drama and cursing than either those previous fields. It is different type stress so i understand that..but I have seen nurses do terrible petty things to one another.