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  1. onthego782

    Chamberlain Fnp starting July 2018

    And congrats! Best wishes
  2. onthego782

    Chamberlain Fnp starting July 2018

    I wouldn't post my number..maybe ask whose going then PM them.
  3. onthego782

    Pre-ICU Jitters

    It is a change in pace from ER. I have worked ER myself but primary experience is in ICU. Just be open minded, ask questions, be proactive in seeking out opportunities to learn.
  4. onthego782

    Questions About Accelerated BSN Programs

    This ...do this. I took this route and saved me money.
  5. onthego782


    Ha, I glanced and thought everyone was getting free frisbees
  6. onthego782

    Should I pursue an NP degree? I need advice

    No rush...work as nurse..pay off bills..live life a little..then decide. The NP route is arguably over saturated in many areas with them not earning more than bedside nursing or other specialty areas when you factor in the debt. Yea, you get satisfaction of being a provider (which autonomy can vary depending on the state you work in). Be cautious on the particular NP program you go to..clinicals and other academic qualities are not equal. I have several friends working at bedside as NPs as there are no jobs available in their area. There are opportunities but you have to be willing to go to them. After you find an area you love..maybe find a NP that works in that particular area to shadow. Good thing about nursing is you have options. Best wishes
  7. onthego782

    I know it's hard. But is it really that hard?

    It is hard..but combination of clinicals and academics tend make more challenging. That said it is very doable as long as you stay focused and engaged. Anything worth while is going to be hard. Stay away from drama and BS..keep focused. Take classes to help with GPA if you can..a 2.8ish would be nice but finding a way to be interested in subject matter is important in retaining it. Best wishes.
  8. onthego782


    I have worked construction and general business world office environment prior to nursing. Nursing has more drama and cursing than either those previous fields. It is different type stress so i understand that..but I have seen nurses do terrible petty things to one another.
  9. onthego782

    Is it all over?

    I agree, You never know when that education will come in handy and it will most certainly never hurt.
  10. onthego782

    Is 54 too old to get a doctorate degree?

    Go for it. You will be doing that or not doing it..time passes either way.
  11. Ah that is a nice way to use others for free labor and PR for hospital all the while masking it as good will!
  12. Not sure..we all got a kick out of it..it is a fold up type cheap car kit box meant as organizer for cleaning stuff or such. Got no cleaning supplies or car tools with it just empty. I gave mine away as I did most everything we got. It was small to medium sized hospital where I was staff many moons ago. They used to have nurses week..they feed us and thanked us..now they have hospital week and mostly it is management patting themselves on the back. Before I left they had hospital week but closed off a small section of dining room and had it catered in for management when rest of us ate cafeteria food (wow, pissed people off..it was great). It was the embodiment of what is wrong with healthcare..they couldn't figure out why retention was so bad either. They also did away with clinical pay ladders, extra shift bonuses. My friend who works there still said they are using agency more and more...they also are transitioning to a more corporate management structure "to better serve the community"..they bought a small community hospital an hour away and basically shut it down. Now it is an ER that feeds patients and elderly to larger hospital. We collectively asked for higher pay and our DON along with management said it was up to us to find a way to be more satisfied within ourselves and monetary concerns were not up for discussion. They said hospital could not afford it...two weeks later it was released in the local paper that the hospital had bought another hospital for millions of dollars. Yea, they lost 25% of staff after that..ah hospital politics and greed..never ending story.
  13. Hospital weeks here too..gotta give the management a chance to share in the celebration. Yay for a free pen or pen light..I got car cleaning kit bag one year but it was just the bag with hospital name on it..no cleaning supplies..just a empty bag with hospital logo.
  14. onthego782

    Loneliness and other travel stuff...

    It can get lonely and you are always new person the unit but there many positives. Don't live your life by others standards..live your life how you feel you need to. The work can be potentially unstable depending on rigid you are with locations and such but i was never without a job lined up. I also came to love taking breaks between contracts and planned financially accordingly. You should live moderately and save money for rainy days so to speak but this is true regardless if you were a traveler or not. Side note: I came to love being called "the traveler" by staff. It meant no useless staff meeting staring at power points or spreadsheets. I came in and did my job and left though I got the patients most didn't want but again I found positives in it. Those patients became some my fondest memories. I saved money, paid off debt and have gone back to school for ANP. For me it was a great experience. I had terrible times to but you will have those no matter where you are. Life is not guaranteed even if you stayed near where you grew up and worked 10 miles from home. So I say go enjoy it but be flexible and responsible within reason with your money. I met several people who did for several years which allowed them to get a jump on retirement then went home and took lower paying but less stressful jobs. Always negotiate with the companies..they work for you not the other way around. If a company or recruiter doesn't value you..move on. If you want to go work at hospital in a certain area..call them and ask what agencies they use. Travel while you can and fly home between planned contracts to get your visit with family!
  15. onthego782

    The ANA supports physician funding over safe patient ratios!

    Please don't give the ANA (AKA ..Against Nursing Association) money. They are not anything representing nursing. They sold out long long ago. They do nothing for actual real world nursing. We need a organization just to fight the ANA on nursing behalf in all honesty. Stop giving them money and a false sense of representing the profession.
  16. onthego782

    Am I too old to start?

    I was 30 when I became a nurse...had retired military guy in his 40s doing it. Also a lady who was 55 because she had always to be a nurse. Only you know if you are ready but age is just a number. I am turning 40 and in grad school for ANP now. Life is about changes and dealing with them. Best of luck.

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