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  1. I'm searching for information on how long it takes to begin working from the day of tpapn enrollment. Any nurses in the dallas/fort worth Texas area or texas in general? Any info is appreciated
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    Once you enroll Tpapn will give you a whole packet of instructions, including a list of "acceptable" doctors, (addiction specialist) to do an evaluation on you. I tried to go to someone else and they denied me but I know some people have been able to. On the list you'll generally find that they all cost around $300-350. The evaluation will result in a recommendation, in-patient therapy or outpatient (IOP, intensive outpatient therapy). Most of the outpatient programs were I think like 6-8 weeks, three times a week. Idk how long the inpatient would be. Depends on each person's evaluation results I guess. I did outpatient. I was able to search the Internet and find an outpatient (IOP) much much closer to my home than the one my assessor recommended, and my insurance actually paid for it! Usually at the end of the 8 weeks, they try to get you to keep coming for "after care", more money and more time! I was able to avoid that. At the same time as your IOP, you are also required to do 90/90. That's attend 90 AA or NA meetings in 90 days. They are an hour long and you can find any meeting near your home to attend.

    You will not be able to work until you get approval from your IOP counselor. Usually near the end of your IOP term, say around 6 weeks. And before you ever start the IOP it will probably take a couple weeks to get the eval scheduled and then find an IOP that you can attend. Also, working during your 90/90 would be difficult, not impossible but I know I wouldn't want to work 12 hours then have to go to an hour AA mtg before going home!

    So, all in all, I think the soonest you can expect to go back to work would be about 2-3 months after enrollment.

    Hope that all makes sense.
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    I started the TPAPN program on December 18, 2013. I was released to return to work after I completed PHP, around the middle of January.
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    Ask whoever is going to do the review not to recommend tpapn. I'm doing drug tests but don't have to deal with any meetings, advisor or whatever you call them. Just straight drug tests. Good luck.
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    What others have said sound about right in my case as well. I started TPAPN in December 2015, My first day of work was Jan 19th. I was still doing my 6 weeks of IOP. And YES my IOP wanted me to stay longer and of course "my insurance approved it" but I declined and was released. After getting my TPAPN letter, I made an appt for an eval with the IOP I chose, knowing I would do outpatient because I had already been sober 3 months and attending AA meetings. IOP was LONG and drawn out and I honestly didn't get much out of it besides a giant bill. I still went to AA daily and thankful I did as that is where I needed to be. Anyway, to answer your question in short, if you do IOP, your counselor will have to clear you for work and will be in touch with your case manager. As long as your IOP UDS are negative and you are participative, I don't see a reason not to be cleared. I was lucky and offered a job the first interview I had, even though it was a terrible place! I made it a year there and completed my 12 month requirement. Now I am at a better facility and hope to finish out TPAPN there. I wish you the best. This place has a lot of resources and helpful people, hang in there, I promise it gets easier.