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  1. Hi
    Does anyone know where there is any employment opportunities with tpapn and Dallas fort worth Texas. Looking for peer assistance job places. Thanks
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  3. by   Ash2213
    Try the behavioral health facilities. You may have to tough it out the first year, I did. I worked for a pretty bad hospital (high acuity, low staffing, unsafe, unethical drs and admin) and completed my 12 month requirement, then by making connections there was hired at another facility. I wouldn't have gotten the job I am at now without working at the first place. Hope that helps. I know that USRC is friendly and that there are home health options, where TPAPN nurses are. All the big hospitals THR, Baylor, and HCA will not hire you because it is against their HR policy. I was offered a job at Baylor by a manager knowing about TPAPN and HR shut that down quickly. I know we are supposed to be protected by the ADA but that is a joke for sure..
    Good luck to you, hang in there.
  4. by   TexasNurse2014
    Still looking too. I have been to a lot of interviews, some find out I am in TPAPN and their facility does not accept it. It sucks but I know something will come along for us.
  5. by   PixieRN1
    I got a job in an HCA facility in monitoring with a narc restriction/night shift restriction. I am in another state, but HCA is the parent company.
  6. by   Kel65
    Look up jobs at uhs on the web that company has multiple facities and is TPAPN friendly