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After much thought, I have decided to send my license back. I will call the Executive Director on Monday and my case manager to see about future options, if I were to ever want to get my license... Read More

  1. by   wish_me_luck
    I have given up on the TN BON--I did get the Commissioner's info, but then I thought "this really isn't worth it. I shouldn't have to jump through all the hoops for mental illness".

    If HPMP and the organization "ok" it, then I found a great volunteer opportunity (haven't applied yet, can't until approval) that is probably better than anything TN can give me. I am beginning to believe there are actually better leads in general in VA.

    I think God leads us in the direction we are supposed to go....and He isn't fond of me helping in TN, now VA--I can be of use in VA. I am finding out that there are options and sometimes, when one door closes, it's because another door is opening/about to open that is better.

    I have found the above circumstance, not once, but at least twice or more. It puts me more at ease and helps me get through the heartaches and "disappointments". I put disappointments in quotes because sometimes they are blessings, but at the time we see them as disappointments.

    I don't know if it is having a servant's heart and the change of attitude--becoming happier--that has totally changed my luck or if it is looking at what I have and appreciating it, but I think I am setting myself up for my whole life to change for the better.

    If the TN thing is ever meant to be, it will happen. But, it's in God's time. I was told God answers prayers with "yes", "not now", or "I have something better for you".

    But, one thing I have to admit, I truly believe God made me a nurse for a reason. All throughout nursing school and all this misery, I used to tell God that if He wanted me to be a nurse, then He will have to help me.
  2. by   BostonTerrierLoverRN
    I hope Virginia answers every prayer for your ventures into Mental Health. It is kind of wild our Nation's capital lies against Virginia's borders. I remember a saying that God wants you to bloom where you are, and it seems like you are blooming beautifully.

    The most frustrating character of God is that he does things on his time- not ours. Keep on keeping On
  3. by   Sunshine_7

    I have a question about being denied by the board for licensure, due to a criminal background and how to go about reapplying? I hired an attorney, went to a formal hearing & waited 9 months to find out that I was denied. I was told in the letter by the PA BON to reapply after I finished paying off all my fines and my probation ends. I am just about paid off, and my probation will automatically end...I called the board to see what the process would be and they told me to send in another application, and I will have to attend another hearing? Does this sound right to you? I've already went thru this?