Be Careful out there.....and things DO get better......

  1. Hello fellow recovering nurses,

    If you are reading the postings in this group, one might assume you have been in trouble with the board, are about to be in trouble with the board or are dealing with some sort of recovery program. I feel as if I could write a book about what to do and what not to do if you get into trouble because of diversion. I have multiple state nursing licenses, so I have been around the block with this whole situation :-)

    I have some major resentments and regrets because of some missteps I took when I first got into trouble. About hiring an attorney- if you can afford one, get one. But don't just hire an attorney who SAYS they specialize in administrative nursing law. I hired a pretty expensive "expert with board issues" attorney and got the WORST advice and legal counsel ever! What a disaster! Since I have been representing myself I have talked openly with several of my casemanagers, they have shared with me the facts about this attorney- and they aren't positive reviews. Also, several nurses who I attend a local Caduceus AA meeting with had hired this attorney- none of them use this attorney any longer and NOT ONE of them would recommend another nurse to hire that attorney for representation.

    I have found that the nursing boards are actually pretty reasonable to work with. Yes, the screenings are a pain in the behind, the paperwork is a pain in the behind, etc- but if you are staying clean and doing everything they ask, things get on an even keel and time passes.

    I had a license suspension for some time (one reason for the suspension is because of the shoddy attornery-story for another day) but 8 weeks after my license reinstatement, I was able to obtain a full time nursing position. I consider myself VERY lucky, I can't explain how it happened, but it did. They asked me about it, I told them about it ( I didn't act ashamed or anything either- just told the truth) and we moved on to the next subject. They called me a few hours later and offered me the position. Can. Not. Believe. It!!! I get a little mushy when I think about sharing the news of my good fortune with my casemanagers- they were genuinely happy for me. I know that all three of them want me to succeed and do well.

    Being under investigation and dealing with these issues is scary, no doubt about it. But I so wish that I had someone to talk to at the beginning who would let me know it would be ok. A physician I used to work with hooked me up with a nurse who had been in trouble years before. During those first dark weeks when I was scared to death, I was so glad to talk to ANYONE who had walked the path before me. She called me, a total stranger, and told me it would all work itself out in the end but I had to get sober and get that part of my life together first. It is true- I needed the time off to recover from my drug addiction and get healthy again. And she was right- in the end, my licenses are all reinstated (one was never suspended at all), I am a sober individual with a full time job. I did switch practice areas, but had thought about making that change long before I got into trouble anyway.

    I wish I could stand on the mountain and scream out this attorneys name so everyone would avoid that law practice, but I don't think it would be allowed :-) And if someone that you meet in one of these forums recommends an attorney, make sure they aren't working for that particular law firm.....

    Anyhow, if you find yourself in an unfortunate board situation, please know that you can survive the programs and find yourself alive and well on the other side!
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  3. by   MichelleRN34
    Thank you for sharing.
  4. by   cienurse
    You story is inspirational to those with addiction problems. Thank you for paying it forward and letting people know that there is hope after addiction-the solution is to get sober-STAY sober-and live every day to its fullest. Thanks for sharing!
  5. by   amber24c
    Thank you for sharing....... I was caught diverting and lost my job. I hired a good lawyer and he was able to talk the hospital out of pressing criminal charges. I followed his advice and self reported to the HPRP. I have not faced my BON yet. I live in MI, and under supervision of HPRP I am currently in an IOP program, after which I will enter a monitoring agreement for 3 yrs. I currently do not know any RNs that have been or are currently in this position. This is my first forum. I am scared about looking for a job. My license is not suspended and most likely will not be (thanks to a good lawyer, I feel for your situation). I have 2 & 1/2 wks left in IOP after which I can work under my license, restricted for 6 months (no narcotic administration).

    I am scared that I won't be able to find a job, I am not sure how to package myself and what kind of job to look for. However i need to work not just for money but self esteem, self forgiveness, and moving on. To make matters worse I have only had my RN license for just under a year. I could really use any advice on......
    1) what type of job to apply for
    2) do I leave all of this off my resume, and wait for the interview to give details
    3) I have thought about working in addiction/recovery ...... is it too soon???
  6. by   catmom1

    Please look back in the older posts here where you will find an abundance of information that will help you with all three of your questions. So you don't just have to go wading through all the threads, I recommend that you do a forum search using terms like "interview, disclose, job, chance, etc."

    Good luck & let us know how you are doing.

    Hugs to you Amber: ((((Amber)))) You are not alone!

  7. by   amber24c
    Thank you cat mom I will do that
  8. by   MHRN11
    I am in Ohio and going through the same situation. Would u be available to talk outside of this forum? I need someone to talk to and the attorney I hired doesn't seem to be giving me any kind of meaningful advice.
  9. by   GA_RN2006
    Thank you for sharing your story.

    I have felt very alone through this process. I do have the support of family & friends but know no one who has gone through the process of dealing with the BON. All of this is very scary & at times feels unbearable. I have to push myself through those difficult times & I know with Gods help I will overcome.

    I would also love to chat with other nurses that have walked in my shoes of addiction. I'm currently in a Celebrate Recovery Group but unfortunately we don't have any healthcare support groups in my area.

    I thank the good Lord that I have found this forum. It has truly been a life saver!
  10. by   amber24c

    I would also love to chat with other nurses that have walked in my shoes of addiction. I'm currently in a Celebrate Recovery Group but unfortunately we don't have any healthcare support groups in my area.

    What state do you live in???
  11. by   babcrazy
    Quote from "GA_RN2006

    I would also love to chat with other nurses that have walked in my shoes of addiction. I'm currently in a Celebrate Recovery Group but unfortunately we don't have any healthcare support groups in my area.

    What state do you live in???
    I am going thur BON in MN. Contact me as would love to talk.
  12. by   GA_RN2006
    How do I get in touch with you Amber24c?

    I'll be emailing you babcrazy.

    Thanks guys for the response
  13. by   onprobation:(
    Yay! There may be hope for us yet. I'm glad for you that you got a job so quickly after becoming unencumbered!
    I am on probation for 2 more years. Its been 1year since I went to the board and 2yrs since my downfall. Clean time=2yrs!!!
    I was able to get a job at the health dept as a WIC nurse 10 mos ago and I also consider myself lucky as hell! It may have had something to do with my experience of 5yrs as mom baby nurse, NCC in Maternal Newborn Nursing, and IBCLC- lactation consultant. I was completley honest and told them I had learned so much about myself during my recovery and this life lesson impacted me in many ways yada yada. I seriously had a script memorized and it was mostly legit! When I say mostly I may have exaggerated a few things and acted way way more confident than I actually am.
  14. by   Austin12
    I understand your frustrations. It's tough but this is the best time to practice those principles. It will def. get better but you'll have to do a lot prayer and work. The madness did not happen over night so easy does it.I remember being in your shoes; Afraid of the unknown and bills piling up. Understand, no matter how many doors close, you'll only need one "yes!" I'm in NC and I have found job with my restrictions. Right place, right time with the right mind. Bless you.Stick in there