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When I had my clinical at the hospital, I carried tons of papers on a clip board or a small note pad, but these are cumbersome, easily disorganized, and could cause cross-contamination. My last clinical period I noticed that a lot of nurses had single pre-made sheet of paper they made notes on. It was good enough to accommodate all their patients. I'm having trouble making mine. I don't know what I should have on it or shouldn't. Or the best way to save space. Or even the program to use. Can anyone help me create my own or post some templates.


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I know at the hospital I do my clinicals at the floor has their own patient sheet behind the nursing desk. So ask a nurse if they have one available and if you can take one to make copies. I do have one a fellow nursing student made that I can post for you, but I have realized there are a few things missing, and it is very student-like. But I can email it to you anyways and you could just look at it to get an idea and edit it if you want. Message me and let me know!


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Ask one of the nurses on your clinical site if you can make a copy of their sheet. It really depends on what kind of unit you're in. When I'm working on different unit, I have to change my sheet.


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Thank you Daytonite! That form will come in very handy while pre-planning.


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this is w o n d e r f u l. i


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dont know what happened to my last post lol.. but i am not in nursing school yet and i immediately saved this to my computer..i will be making copies..and plus i had to tell my friend...thanks daytonite..

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