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I travel on business several times a year and the hotels are usually less than $200 per day. In contrast, the typical hospital room costs around $1,000 per day not including all the extras. I am not the type of person to make alot of demands on the hotel staff, but when I call for something I expect an answer by the 3rd or 4th ring. At no time has any hotel employee failed to provide decent service.

In contrast, I had a family member in the hospital earlier in the year and there were numerous occasions when their call bell went unanswered or there was a very long wait for a nurse to respond. On one occasion, the dinner tray wasn't even delivered. There is simply no excuse for nurses not responding to call bells with the same efficiency one would get in the typical hotel. If anything, they ought to provide better and faster service because the hospital is charging way more than a hotel. Nurses whine about all the "work" they have. Well, guess what? I worked at a state hospital all four summers in college and we had ONE attendant (yes, that's what they were called) prepare medication for 30 patients two or three times on the day shift (only once on the evening shift). I just don't understand all the whining and complaining about getting medications for only 5 patients.


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you are right, to a degree, but until you are a nurse, and have an assignment you will never understand. enough said

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I'm going to say only one thing, and then ignore this post with the contempt it deserves: DON'T FEED THE TROLLS:(

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First thing I thought when reading this post: PLEASE DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS!


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I disagree, this person is NOT right to ANY degree.

A HOSPITAL IS NOT A HOTEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Troll, Go Away!


124 Posts're so right......I guess I just never thought of it that way.......

When I stay at a hotel, I walk in and someone is there to open the door for me, that person passes me off to the person that checks me in and then passes me off to the person that carries my luggage to the room, along the way we pass 10 or so more attendants standing around w/ their thumbs up their a**es, I then call for room service the phone is promptly answered, and my room service is sent right away by another person, my room is also cleaned every morning, with a nice little mint left on my pillow, and I get all this for just under $200.

I guess if you would have known then what you know now you would have taken your family member to a hotel where they don't have a nursing shortage, and have never been overworked or understaffed.

Hell I know I'm gonna do that next time, thanks for helping us underpaid overworked nurses learn how to save a buck or two.:kiss


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Dolphin, just what are you fishing for with these kinds of posts? Hope you brought your flame retardant suit w/ you...

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Hey, you guys are giving it hors d'oeuvres. You'll whet it's appetite to come back for more!

Use the ignore function!


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dear dolphin... I can see your point of view, but you personally are not paying, your insurance is. So if a nurse came into your room, are you going to leave her a tip? no you can't compare the two. get your nursing lic. work a couple of shifts with anhectic assignment then you'll know why the lights go unanswered.

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Originally posted by mjlrn97

I'm going to say only one thing, and then ignore this post with the contempt it deserves: DON'T FEED THE TROLLS:(

I thought it was looking like a Troll, lets get the BIG stick for them. :devil:


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I don't belive nursing is a service industry and I think the comparison between a hotel and hospital is comparing apples and elephants.

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