2022 Nurses Month Picmonic / TrueLearn Nursing Student Giveaway

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May is about halfway over, finals are coming up, and NCLEX looms in the future.  What a great time to think about preparing to conquer the NCLEX or any other upcoming exams. This special giveaway is a chance for you to win some great prizes that will help you decrease your test-taking stress and prepare you with confidence.

One Winner - $170 Total Prize

  • Picmonic 6-month subscription
  • TrueLearn 6-month Question bank
  • Confidence to conquer

Contest ends on June 30th.

To participate go to the CONTEST FORM and answer the following questions:

  • On a scale from 1-to 10, how valuable do you think using NCLEX-style question banks is to passing the NCLEX exam?
  • What resources/tools are you using to prepare for NCLEX?
  • What type of NCLEX question do you find the most challenging?
Submit Your Answers!

Winner will be selected randomly from all participants. Contest results and email addresses will be shared with Picmonic. Prizes will be distributed by Picmonic.

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