2023 Nurses Month Meme Contest

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2023 Nurses Month Meme Contest

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3 Winners / $100.00 Each

For Nurses Month, we're holding a MEME Contest!! Winners will be awarded by:

  1. The Most Unique
  2. The Most Creative
  3. Staff Favorite

Submit Your Meme Below!

Contest Rules

  1. Only allnurses members can participate. Register Now! No purchase necessary.
  2. Nurses (current or former), nursing students, and future nurses all welcome to participate.
  3. Memes must be unique and not just copy pasted from the web. You can use the same image, but change the caption, or vice versa.
  4. Enter as many Nursing-related Memes as you'd like.
  5. Hit the "Like button" on as many other Memes as you like.
  6. Contest ends May 31, 2023

IMPORTANT Winners will be contacted via email and/or direct message the first week of June.

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Thank You for Being a Part of Our Community

We'd like to take just a quick second, to thank each and every one of you for all that you do. Not just in the field, but for each other in our nursing community.

Your invaluable contributions over the years have helped millions of other nurses to make their most important life decisions, to find their confidence in times of absolute panic, and to find their will to persevere against the odds.

Our community is full of heroes. Best of luck to all of you in our MEME Contest, and Happy Nurses Month!

Avill, BSN, RN

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Avill, BSN, RN

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NURSE on hold at 9am on Sat morning  trying to get a hold of insurance for prior authorization  on Ozempic.

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Where's the mask and hat and ciel blue scrubs?



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