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Nurses' Day

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I've just joined allnurses.com today! I am an spanish nurse working in the adult intensive care unit in London, UK.

I would like to know if in your hospitals there is some activity organize in the week of the International Nurses' Day on the 12th of May, as I want to organize something in my unit too.

I would appreciate you sharing any ideas you have!

Thank you very much!


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Welcome to allnurses.com, Ainhoa13

I am certain you will receive a lot of feedback on this.

So good to have you with us.

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In the US, National Nurses' Day is May 6. Nurses' Week is May 6-12.

My last 2 jobs have given us gift certificates. I forget what the hospital did when I worked there. I think put a banner up that said "Happy Nurses' Week" and maybe gave us a pen with the hospital logo on it.


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I'm a school nurse.

I got a big bag o nuthin'.

In the hospital we got massages, giveaways, bla bla bla...


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Well, nurses are the biggest support group for nurses so how about creating a poster in the unit and display some of the responses you get here from your post. I bet it would be quite encouraging for staff there to read responses from nurses abroad and elsewhere. We're different but we're all the same. Welcome to allnurses.com!!