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  1. Ainhoa13

    EPIC question

    Hello everyone! I hope you are all well! I have a question to the nurses that work in hospital settings and use EPIC. Could you tell me what kind of devices do you normally use? Are those devices shared with other colleagues or each nurse has their own? In regards infection control, do you use any special case? I work in a hospital in London, UK and we are looking into implementing EPIC in the future. I was wondering what are the different devices you use so I have a good place to start with this. Thank you! Regards
  2. Ainhoa13

    Nurses' Day

    Hi, I've just joined allnurses.com today! I am an spanish nurse working in the adult intensive care unit in London, UK. I would like to know if in your hospitals there is some activity organize in the week of the International Nurses' Day on the 12th of May, as I want to organize something in my unit too. I would appreciate you sharing any ideas you have! Thank you very much!

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