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Become a home-health nurse in Cincinnati and get free housekeeping services for a year. That's the offer that the nonprofit Visiting Nurses Association, the largest home nursing agency in town, is making to recruit new nurses.

Cincinnati Enquirer, Jan. 8, 2003


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That is BY FAR the most tempting recruiting offer I have seen yet! :chuckle

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Definately different...............hmmmmmm. To bad their not in Columbus.



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ah NRS Karen,

what they don't tell you is that, should you choose the "free 4hr x2month" "housekeeping" services, that the pts and passport clients come before you, and should there be time to spare, and staff to perform the duties, then, and maybe then, you might obtain the housekeeping services..

i know the guy who offered this with the agency..he doesn't give anything will have strings....

Make him a 21 year old hottie that will do it in his boxers and I AM THERE!!


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That housekeeping stuff in nice but I'm preparing to send my resume to a hospital in my area that has a $7,500 sign on bonus. I have a great full-time (3-12hr shifts/wk) job now with all my benefits, but I can go to this other place and become a part-time staffer by working one 8 hr shift per week. After 6 months I will get $3,500 and after one year I will get the remaining $4,000. I have a friend who signed up part-time with this same hospital, but at the time he did it the sign on was only $4,000. And to boot, the hourly wage is $40.36/hr with a night differential if I choose to take a night shift.

It's crazy! :eek:

~Sally :cool:

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