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Visa Screen Certificate is required by all foreign nurses wishing to obtain a green card to work in the US, as well as any type of temporary work permit, such as the Nafta TN Visa for those from... Read More

  1. by   EmAmood
    duh!!! I haven't gotten any notification yet in my email and its been more more than 3 weeks now! what should i do next?
  2. by   5cats
    What is 3 weeks, since you sent it?

    CGFNS need several weeks to confirm receipt, they get such a bulk of mail every day, it just takes some time.
    Just wait and see

  3. by   EmAmood
    Yes 3 weeks since I sent my application and payment as well. Documents from my school and verification of license had been sent few months ago maybe about 4-5 months ago and verification of license from CA has been sent 2 months ago.
  4. by   5cats
    as I said wait and see, 3 weeks is nothing

  5. by   EmAmood
    ok. thank you so much 5cats! God bless!
  6. by   nursemich
    Do you have an account with CG already?
  7. by   eugene224
    its me again...i called up cgfns this morning and the lady told me that they did not get any application from me. she told me to check if the payment i sent with the application has been encashed and i should email them if it was encashed...hmmmm, this surprised me because i was hoping that cgfns should have a solid system on how to handle applications sent to them... the post office told me as well that if the mail did not get to them, it suppose to be sent back to me by now...its been 10 working days already since i have sent the application to PA from CA. can somebody please tell me if you experienced the same...or at least give me some advice on what to do. by the way, i'm waiting for the bank to call me if the check was encashed already..thank you guys in advance
  8. by   firstyearRN
    Hello there.

    I was wondering for the transcript verification form if it is okay if the transcript verification form comes separately from the transcript. Due to the school regulations, the transcript must be ordered from a separate agency. I'm not sure whether this will be a problem.

    Thank you in advance for your help.
  9. by   Silverdragon102
    Will not be a problem
  10. by   firstyearRN
    Thank you once again Silverdragon. I really appreciate all your help.
  11. by   mrmiyagi
    good day. here are my credentials:

    - RN license - philippines
    - passed IELTS last january
    - passed NCLEX for maryland state. no mail yet but have checked my name on lookup license.

    maryland required me to do IELTS and cgfns CES(full course by course) before they gave me ATT. i finished my CES before i took the local nursing licensure exam. maryland BON didn't require my local license anyway.
    i passed the nclex exam last week.

    VISASCREEN questions:

    1. IELTS expires in 2 years right? so it's been 8 months since i passed. is it true that applying for visascreen sort of extends the validity of my IELTS?
    2. i didn't have my local license at the time i processed my CES in 2008. now that i have local license and will apply for visascreen. do i need to validate it to cgfns CES?
    3. will i be charged by cgfns again if i ask them to validate my local license?
    4. regarding my IELTS and NCLEX results. is CGFNS automatically updated of my NCLEX and IELTS results?
    5. does maryland give license if i don't have SSN#? will i need the actual maryland license? what i have is only the license number thru the license lookup.
    6. how long will it take to finish the visa screen? i gave them my brothers address at new jersey hoping it would be faster if mails would be sent in the US instead of Philippines.
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  12. by   raflesa
    Hello fellow nurses, I'm a nurse here in the Philippines. I just want to ask for help regarding some items on the VSC application form.1)In item 14, Education evaluation...what should I put on the column with the NAME OF DIPLOMA OR CERTIFICATE IN ITS ORIGINAL LANGUAGE of secondary and professional education.
    2)In item 15, letter a...what is the title of your registration/license... what should I put here?
    :typingAnd one more thing, should I also sign the request for validation of license and the request for academic records with my entire name just like what was being ask for in the application form? Please advise.
  13. by   buffybot_08
    please help... I am applying for Visa Screen. I don't know where to send my Illinois License Verification paper... Do I send it to IDFPR? Can someone please help? please please please.... That is the only thing that I haven't sent.